17th Hole Bay Hill



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    cxx wrote:

    You got your NASCAR fans and your Formula 1 fans. NASCAR fans don't care how artificial the race is, just as long as there is a sprint to the finish line at the end. NASCAR does a good job of providing just that. F1 is racing at it's best. The officials try to stay out of the way and let the talent rise. Golf should be more F1 than NASCAR and a lot of the time it is.

    You lost me when you implied that F1 is not as artificial as NASCAR. I would think they are both 100% artificial.
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    Look at from a different perspective. Yeah, it played at 220, but they were for the most part hitting a 6 iron and some a 7 iron. It's not like they had to hit a 3 / 4 or like most of us a 3 wood or even a driver.
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    Disappointing hole. Not riveting at all in person. Tee box is too far back up the hill, meaning spectators can't go up there and basically don't care. I'll be standing alongside the 16th green and spectators will be animated and enthused at everyone who comes through there. But then virtually nobody looks back and follows the same players teeing off on 17. Nobody. It doesn't matter if they eagled. Once they are through with that hole it's like they don't exist.

    I guarantee that would not be the case if the hole were shorter and a crowd enabled to gather alongside the tee box. That tee box should be moved left and lower. Plenty of room for a small loud spectator area there. The hole would play more interesting given the angle of the shot and the guarding bunkers. The shorter length would mean birdie as actual option, instead of Fitzpatrick blowing the eagle putt on 16 last Sunday and everybody knows it's over. Johnny Weir will pole vault 400 feet before somebody was going to victimize 17 and 18 as needed.

    The hole is not compelling greenside either. Difficult to follow the ball from some locations and impossible from others. Everybody waits for a plop and the most standard line is, "Where did it go?"
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