Michelle Wie is engaged



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    ebrasmus21 wrote:

    There's a lot in this thread that I don't understand. Can someone help me out:
    • Is Wei known for being a beeotch?
    • Comments about her parents? Whats up with that?
    • Ferg with the "more than likely problems"?

    I'm confused.
    On the first 2 I have no idea The 3rd one that is just Fergie being Fergie

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    chiva wrote:

    agolf1 wrote:

    Creamer had been declining from 2010 (US Open Win) to 2014 (HSBC win), but I guess still playing decent. Since 2015 it's been straight downhill and accelerating (marriage then divorce). I'd guess it's unlikely she will be out there much longer.

    Playing decent? If finishing 64,51,23,28,71,55,35,54,12 and missing 8 cuts is in 2018 is decent then yeah, she`s playing decent I guess. Her scoring average is a 75 this year..

    So could she beat a man with a 4 handicap?

    I have no idea, you should ask her.
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    @DavePelz4 said:
    4waymiss wrote:

    My now ex-future wife Michelle is now officially off the market. I wish her and that Jonnie dude all the best, as the saying goes, if you love something , set it free.


    I no longer has any reason to watch a bunch of women slapping a little white ball around. I heard women's parasailing can be pretty thrilling to watch, I think I am going to give it try.

    To all of my fellow wrxers on this niche forum , it's been fun.

    Signing off


    Knowing of your long term, from a far relationship with the Big Wiesy, don't give up just yet. Get back on the horse and start stalking reviewing new potential candidates. Maybe it will make her jealous and she'll come running back to the safety you provide.

    Thanks DP for your kind words in this trying times, I have finally emerged from my bedroom. However , holding out hopes for Michelle to come back would be like applying some kind of mental kinesiology tape. It may last me through 18 , but it will not heal the wound in the soul.

    I dug deep into my heart and asked myself , WWWD, or what would Wiesy do. And the answer is clear, I will just have to come up with my own table top putting stance, to let me see the line ( that my life should follow ) better, and to invent my own dxxx high 3 wood stinger off the tee, to find the fairways and avoid the pitfalls (of my life).

    And hopefully when I have done that, it will give Michelle the peace of mind to move on.

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