The one club you'd never sell for sentimental reasons



  • uwhockey14uwhockey14 Members Posts: 258 ✭✭
    Titleist 681 Irons, I will always own 1 set of these irons.... First brand new iron purchase and played the best golf of my life with them.... Gem's,
    Titleist 913D2/D3 (8.5) Stiff Diamana
    Titleist 906F2 15* Aldila NV Stiff
    Cleveland LDi 21*
    Titleist 681 4-PW (Project X 5.5)
    Mizuno MP T-Series Forged Wedges (56,60)
    Cobra Greg Norman (U-Model) Putter "Boss of the moss"
    Ping Hoofer (Wisconsin Badgers)
    Driver Cover (Black Lab)
    3-Wood Cover (USA knit pom pom)
    Putter Cover (Team USA 2016 Ryder Cup)
  • Man_O_WarMan_O_War Members Posts: 2,750 ✭✭
    assume someone would buy it. TM original rescue tp 22*
    Cobra LTD PRO/LTD BLACK  Matrix F6M2/F7M3/Project X LZ 6.0 71g HC/ Fuji 661 III
    Cobra LTD 3/4 Kai'li 80
    Cobra LTD 4/5 Kai'li 80
    TM Mid_Rescue TP 22*
    Cobra Fly Z  Pro Irons Modus 120x SSx2 4-pw
    RTX 3.0 50, 54, 60 Modus 125
    Machine LN M6
  • JoeJoeJoeUrBoatJoeJoeJoeUrBoat Members Posts: 690 ✭✭

    My putter, had it sent in for a COA as well.

    First "really expensive" putter I ever bought which was last year. Was still in the plastic. Original grip and all. Being a massive McIlroy fan, this one they'll bury me with.

    This is also when he used to be a good putter, lol... Should have signed with Titleist! Or at least a 13 club deal with Taylormade.
    TS2 10.5* Tour Ad Di 6s
    TS2 15* Tour Ad Di 7s
    P790 UDI HZRDUS Black 6.0
    4-9 718 AP2 PX 6.0
    SM7 (46.10.F, 50.08.F, 54.10.S, 58.08.M) 
    Rory McIlroy Scotty Cameron SSS
  • new2g0lfnew2g0lf Members Posts: 3,377 ✭✭
    I have a collection of old lefty Hogan irons, I'll never get rid of them.
    Driver - Ping G400 MAX 10.5*
    Woods - XXIO 10 3W
    Hybrids - XXIO 10 3H, 4H, 5H
    Irons - Home - PXG Gen 2 0311P 5-GW Away - Ping i500 5-AW
    Wedge - Vokey TVD 56* K Grind
    Putter - Seemore Nashville mFGP2 SS Mallet Black
    Ball - KSig, TM TP5X, Snell MTB
  • the bishopthe bishop Members Posts: 3,221 ✭✭
    I have a Dynacraft Avatar Evolution driver that I've had since around 2010 or so that is probably the best club I've ever owned of any kind period. I used it all of 2014 when I had my best year on course (20 straight rounds in the 70's and low index of 3.1). That thing just found fairway after fairway. I'll never get rid of it for two reasons: 1. It's a component club so it's not worth jack squat for trade in value and even if I sold it to someone who knew what it was I'd still not get anything for it. And 2. It's got sentimental value now. It was looking a little haggard so I sent it in to Continental and they gave it a paint job and I had the new release of the UST ProForce V2 High Launch put in (the red one) to replace the original High Launch (gold and black). I really don't play it anymore because around 2015-2016 really began to notice it start to lag behind distance wise to new releases so I moved on but it'll always be a favorite.
    Dynacraft Avatar Evolution 10.5* - Proforce V2 HL - S
    W/S C300 15* - Fuji Speeder Pro - S
    W/S C300 20*/23* - Fuji Speeder Pro - S
    W/S FG Tour Forged - DGS300
    W/S PMP Raw 52/56/60 - KBS Hi-Rev 2.0
    W/S Bucktown
  • gvogelgvogel Members Posts: 7,320 ✭✭
    PIng G25 driver. It's been too good to me.
    On Sundays, I used to play hickory
  • bamagolfbamagolf Members Posts: 168 ✭✭
    Scotty NP2 PP my wife and daughter gave me for Christmas 2001.
    Ping G400 LST 10* (set at 9*)
    Ping G400 3W 14.5*
    Callaway GBB Heavenwood (set at 20*)
    Callaway XR OS 5H, 6H, 7H
    Ping G410 7-LW
    TM Spider X 35"
  • tleadertleader Members Posts: 531 ✭✭
    Putters only for me. My first custom, a Byron Morgan DH89, my grandfather-in-law’s PING Zing, and my PING Redwood.
  • MtlJeffMtlJeff MontrealMembers Posts: 28,360 ✭✭
    mackepa wrote:

    MtlJeff wrote:

    Have posted this before but my Epic Subzero...i believe i was the first amateur lefty in the world to own the club . So it's pretty special to me

    Wasn't your driver originally suppose to be used for some commercial shoots with some other prominent professional lefty before he had to reschedule?

    Yep! It was slated for a well known lefty Callaway staffer who actually had to re-schedule due to hernia surgery. I'm not sure i mentioned to you but i was actually booted off the trip for a bit due to being a lefty, and then re-invited due to this.

    Not only do i own the initial Subzero (Rod owns the original Epic "non" SZ) but i also hit the blacked out , blank face prototype the first night. I believe that was the first lefty Epic ever created
    Ping G400 Max 9 w/Matrix Black Tie 80
    Callaway Epic Subzero 14* w/Matrix Black Tie 80
    Callaway Apex Hybrid 20 w/Diamana D+ 95
    Callaway 2016 Apex Pro 4-PW w/S300
    Callaway MD Forged 52,56 w/S300
    Callaway MD 2.0 60 PM grind w/s300
    SGC Northwood Center Shaft 400g
  • misterkyemisterkye ClubWRX Posts: 73 ✭✭
    my titleist pt13. tiga tiga woods ya'll
    Taylormade M1 8.5*, Fujikura Speeder Evolution IV 661 shaft
    Taylormade Rescue Mid 14* hybrid
    Taylormade P790 driving 2-iron
    Taylormade P790 4i-PW
    Miura 52* 57* 60*
    Miura MGP-M2 putter
    Titleist Pro V1
  • Payton1020Payton1020 Members Posts: 2,006 ✭✭
    I sold it a couple weeks ago.
    COBRA Fly Z, Fly Z+, LTD Black
    ADAMS Super S 15* & 18* Matrix HD Radix SVI
    WILSON STAFF 20° Fybrid RS UST Mamiya VTS
    GOLFSMITH P2 4-PW, GW, SW, LW True Temper Formula 1 stepless

    ODYSSEY Tri-Ball SRT

    OGIO Grom 14 way stand bag
  • mwink822mwink822 Members Posts: 2,577 ✭✭
    I'm going with my Scotty Cameron Studio Design 1.5 (original gun blue finish). First Scotty I every bought and gamed back in high school, and though it's not in the greatest of condition, I still remember some great rounds with it.
    Titleist 917D3 9.5* Aldila Rogue Silver 80 Tour X 125 MSI
    Titleist 915 Fd 13.5* Diamana S+ 80X (rotates in and out based on course played)
    Titleist 917F2 18* (turned down to 17.25*) Aldila Rogue Black 80X 95 MSI
    3-P Mizuno JPX 900 Tour Nippon Modus 3 105X
    White Satin Mizuno MP T7 51-08 Modus 3 105X
    Blue Ion Mizuno MP T7 55-09 Modus 3 105X Soft Stepped
    Blue Ion Mizuno MP T7 59-09 Modus 3 105X Soft Stepped
    Scotty Cameron Studio Select Fastback 1
  • brianmontgomery2000brianmontgomery2000 Dayton, OhioMembers Posts: 769 ✭✭
    Large Marge 3-wood I assembled in the 90's with a Leland stiff graphite shaft. That thing was just money every time I hit it. Just retired it to my wife's bag a couple years ago. Would gladly still game it if not for the RBZ 3 HL that replaced it.

    Ping G400 Max, 9.5, Tour 65 S
    Cobra AMP Cell 3+ (13)
    Taylormade RBZ 3HL (17)
    Wishon 775HS 3Hyb (21) - Modus 120X
    Mizuno JPX 919 Forged (5-G) - Modus 120X
    Mizuno S18 - 56 & 60 - Modus 120X
    Odyssey Sabertooth

  • Luke'sdadLuke'sdad Lukes's dad Members Posts: 100 ✭✭
    My first venture into club building, I purchased a stock Nike T40 tour 3 wood. My first reshaft included installing the infamous Pro lite S shaft, cut to my desired length, hot melted the head, little custom detailing, plus my initials under the Nike grip. I played it for 3 or so years before the club ho in me struck & convinced me to sell it for the next greatest 3 wood on the market. I always enjoyed the muted sound/feel, almost like a purely stuck forged iron. Years passed, and I always scanned the Bay looking for another one I might like, w/ little success. Well, one day last Spring, I was looking at used clubs in my local Play it Again Sports, and was stunned when there in the rack was my actual Nike tour 3 wood. Same shaft, same pro lite, same custom detailing, & after peeling back the end of the grip, my initials. Couldn't believe the condition, almost like it was when I sold it. Call it Karma, blind luck, or whatever. $40 later it was back home where it belonged, never to be sold again. I'm currently gaming a Cally Rogue, but once in awhile put the ole Nike Tour back in the bag for old time sake. I won't make that mistake again.
  • theothertwotheothertwo Members Posts: 2,481 ✭✭

    Of all the clubs I've gone through since I started back golfing in 1989 there is one club I promised myself I'd never sell because it was my first real store bought putter. An original Ping Anser that I had countless years of success with. Everything else is fare game for sale or trade...

    Bought a Ping Anser 3 putter in 1990, first one I bought and it will stay with me forever. Another one is a Slighter Seattle putter custom made 50th birthday gift from my wife and son.
    Honma TW 727 455s 10.5* Driver
    Honma TW 727 18* 5 Wood
    Honma TW 727 22* Hybrid
    Miura CB 57 4-PW Irons
    Miura Tour 2018 52 and 58 Wedges
    Wilson 8802 Milled Putter
  • plusforeplusfore Members Posts: 232 ✭✭
    My father's set of Ben Hogan Producer irons and Macgregor Jack Nicklaus persimmon 1, 3, and 4 woods will not leave my collection.
    Titleist TS2 Graphite Design Tour AD 60
    Titleist 910F 15* Diamana Kai'li 75
    Cobra Fly-Z 5W stock shaft
    Titleist 913H 24* Diamana Kai'li 82HY
    Ben Hogan Apex Edge 5i-E graphite #4 shafts
    Titleist SM7 50*  54*  58*
    PING Ally3 / Odyssey 1W putter
    PRO V1x - Wilson DUO
    Sun Mountain C-130 bag
  • tadams1975tadams1975 Members Posts: 346 ✭✭
    My 2016 M2. Never before had a driver that I would keep until this one. I might go with another driver some day, but this one will always be on deck ready to go!!
  • KC13KC13 31st StateMembers Posts: 336 ✭✭
    My late fathers Scotty Cameron California Coronado putter, it has no price.
    Driver: TaylorMade M5 9° / Fujikura Atmos Black TS 6x
    4 Wood: Callaway Rogue 17° / Fujikura Speeder Evolution V 757x
    Hybrid: Titleist 816 H1 21° / Matrix Ozik Altus X 
    Irons: Mizuno MP-25 (4-pw) / KBS Tour Black Nickel 125 S+
    Wedges: Titleist SM7 Raw 50,54,58 / KBS Tour 120 S
    Putter: Scotty Cameron / Studio Select Laguna 2
  • shredNECTARshredNECTAR Members Posts: 119 ✭✭
    G25 irons first set
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