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Sullivan Golf Travel company

Does anyone have any experience with Sullivan Golf travel? Had inquired some information from them and wanted to get some reviews. Thanks all!


  • Cmoney710Cmoney710 Members Posts: 28
    I forgot to mention we are looking to use them for a Scotland trip
  • gerdygerdy Members Posts: 14 ✭✭
    I would be a little concerned. I have not used Sullivan, however, i would use a group that is an authorized provider of old course tee times. If you go to Perry Golf or The Experience St. Andrews you will see a logo that says authorized prover of St. Andrews links trust. I would look for that. They are the only ones getting access directly.
  • Cmoney710Cmoney710 Members Posts: 28
    I asked the same thing and they said they are and sent me to their link with a picture of Saint Andrews with the logo but it doesn’t have it anywhere on their credentials. Take a looks and let me know
  • sainterssainters Members Posts: 15
    They are authorized & it is on their website.

  • gerdygerdy Members Posts: 14 ✭✭
    Looks good to me. All I can say is I have personally used Experience St. Andrews. Friends have used Perry Golf and we both had an excellent experience.
  • Cmoney710Cmoney710 Members Posts: 28
    I confirmed they are an authorized dealer
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