Any help with shallowing transition (Video)

chadville420chadville420 Chad FlanaganMembers Posts: 38 ✭✭
I am struggling with inconsistent contact (heel, fat, thin). I feel that a lot of my issues stem from steepening the shaft in transition. Any ideas of advice would be great. Thanks.


  • MoomitchMoomitch ClubWRX Posts: 30 ClubWRX
    Did/do you play baseball?

    What I am seeing is that your set-up is really upright. This is causing your swing plane to be really flat and around your body.

    What I would try first is incorporating more knee bend and lean over the ball a little more. You can then try to maintain the feeling of being over the ball through impact and see how that works.

    I would also work on smoothing out your transition and work on the sequence of your downswing. See how starting with hips versus starting with hands/arms effects your impact consistency.
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