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Cobra F8+ and F6 Baffler

sukkeunsukkeun Members Posts: 41 ✭✭
I have been looking at both and wanted to see if F8+ 5-6 wood would be any improvement over F6 Baffler.

If you have hit them both, what did you like or dislike about them?



  • Jvoom30Jvoom30 Advanced Members Posts: 83
    they both really good f8+ is probably a cpl yards longer but i have mine cut down a 1/4" to get closer to the baffler length. both seem to go very straight and high too. I see really good distance as well have mine set at 18.5.
  • PopIt&DropItPopIt&DropIt Advanced Members Posts: 229 ✭✭
    I hit the baffler and really liked it but went with f8+ cut to baffler length because baffler was already discontinued and I wanted a specific shaft. Doubt there is a huge difference either way but I like the feel of the f8+ a little better and find it to be lower spin.

    Positive for the baffler is it comes stock ready to play at 41.75 and I had to add some weight to the f8+ to get it to feel right.
  • rjr25rjr25 Advanced Members Posts: 242 ✭✭
    I've only played around with the f8 but own the f6. I personally like the taller rails on the f6. They have thinned them down a bit over the years. Not to mention the shorter length as well
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  • breakfree40breakfree40 ClubWRX Charter Members Posts: 681 ClubWRX
    I have both, the F8 feels better. The F6 looks better. If I had to pick one to hit into the green from 230-40 out with money on the line it would depend on the shaft. Otherwise flip a coin.
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  • bellkenbellken Advanced Members Posts: 764 ✭✭
    I have both, I got a F8+ as a warranty replacement, when, my first F6 Baffler's face cracked. RBG had a great sale on the F6 Baffler, so, I picked up another one. They are pretty close in performance for me. The feel is quite different, composite vs metal.

    The big plus's for the F6 Baffler is price, seems a little more forgiving, and, you can move the heavy weight forward, if desired (I keep it back for forgiveness). fwiw, I have been using the F6.
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