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APEX Pro & APEX MB Combo?

ProjectX_MizunoProjectX_Mizuno Advanced Members Posts: 1,680 ✭✭
Anyone combo the new APEX Pro irons with the APEX MB’s? Are you loving the combo or do you wish you went with a full set of either?


  • Hougz79Hougz79 Advanced Members Posts: 302 ✭✭
    I hope for the Cally-made combo set they do it better than the 16 version. In 2016 the Apex was satin, the Pro was chrome. In the custom Callaway set, they made the Pro's satin too and the finish was junk. It dinged up first use and by 15 rounds they looked like something from the bargin bin at a golf swap show. It really too bad, they were excellent irons. I hope they learned and make the 19 version better.
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  • ProjectX_MizunoProjectX_Mizuno Advanced Members Posts: 1,680 ✭✭
    The Pro and MB’s are both chrome, so no worries about different finishes.
  • cmatthews77cmatthews77 Advanced Members Posts: 799 ✭✭
    I’m currently combo’ing the 2018 Apex MB (8-PW) with the 2016 Apex Pro (6,7i) and the ‘16 Apex CF16 5i (bent weak).

    I think the Apex Pros combo FANTASTIC with the Apex MBs. Finish is similar. Profile is similar. It works great. I’ve hit the new Apex Pro 7i inside and they would also demo very nicely although you’d want to bend the MB 1 strong most likely.

    I love the look of MBs and I also like the look of a an attractive SC so to me it’s the best of both worlds. The MBs are pretty darn easy to hit so you could easily game a set of them.

    People confuse forgiveness but it’s realky to me more about club head speed and where you start to see the gaps tighten. That’s where you should split the set.
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