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Looking to purchase a mat to set up in my yard. Looking at the 3x4 real feel country club elite, which runs around $240, but saw another that was pretty highly rated on amazon. 3x5 gorilla perfect reAction for $127.00. Anyone have experience with these, or any other brand. I'm going to be putting this down on an area of dirt that I'm going to level out, so it will not be sitting on concrete of a true hard surface. TIA


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    How many shots are you going to hit per week? CCE is a good quality mat, but if you are hitting tons of balls, some guys complain of elbow soreness. Fiberbuilt, divot action, and true strike (gel insert) are generally regarded as good option for hitting tons of shots.

    Looking at the Gorilla - it looks like the kind that takes a tee. I’ve never been a fan of those and would prefer a mat with a pad and regular turf. I actually liked my cheap residential (white foam) mat better than a more expansive one from DW Quail that looked similar to CCE. It just wore out faster.
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    Yeah I got tennis elbow from CCE. Your club gets very slowed down by it so if you're steep at all you'll get sore.
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    I have also have the CCE and limit my time to 10-15 mins a day. Anymore and my elbow is not to happy with me. I am more of a picker than a digger and it still bothers me.
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    I have had the CCE for over a year, it looks 100% brand new and I have never had any elbow pain. Really teaches you to hit down on the ball. Don't go cheap.
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    mcasella08 wrote:

    I have had the CCE for over a year, it looks 100% brand new and I have never had any elbow pain. Really teaches you to hit down on the ball. Don't go cheap.

    disagree. i have the CCE. its extra thick and what seems like really good quality. i've had it for 3 years now and have hit a a lot throughout the winters. i've had issues both with wrist and elbow soreness that got to the point i had to take a break hitting balls. the last thing you want to do on this mat is hit down and through. no, you don't get the jolt at impact like the thin mats sitting on concrete, but this mat doesn't allow your club to exit like it would on actual turf. it will actually teach you to begin picking the ball because you won't want the sensation of hitting down

    its seems there are better options available now. now that spring is approaching i'll be trying to sell my CCE and look to buy something different this fall
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    What do you think about buying a cheap mat and putting some cushioned roof underneath the same (such as a yoga roof, lol, but it is rubber). Would this avoid injuries?

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    Sorry for the late responses, but I ended up with the real feel mat that is only 10x30. Dug out a hole about two inches too deep and filled it in with sand until the mat was even with the ground. Then went in with some landscaping staples around all four sides to tighten it up a bit more. Zero movement and the real feel mat seems to be quality. Hard to beat for the price.

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    When I was learning the game much of my time was spent on mats that were fairly hard. An acquaintance advised me to adjust/flatten my swing so I sweep the ball vs hitting it with a steep angle. No elbow issues. B)

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    Thanks for your messages.
    I am thinking of buying one of these: https://www.dwquailgolf.com/1x2-dura-pro-plus-residential-golf-mat/
    Or maybe a Fiberbuilt (the smaller pads, the one that is a part of the "hit station").
    I also saw a seller, USATURF on ebay that has these ones that seem similar to the Real Feel: https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-x24-Golf-Chipping-Driving-Range-Practice-Hitting-Mini-Mat-Holds-Wooden-Tee/152828264488?hash=item2395464028:g:o9UAAOSw0UdXu3Js:sc:USPSPriority!33195!US!-1
    Do you think I should worry a lot about buying one of these?

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    I bought one of these off Amazon, and I had elbow issues prior to the purchase. I know it is cheap, but it works well for me without killing my elbow. It has a lot of cushion. The wife didn't like how I took a notch out of the yard, but she doesn't mow anyway. Real Feel Golf Mats Country Club Elite Hitting Strip 10"x30"

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    I thought of buying as well that small CCE! IDK, some people say their wrists hurt, but maybe if you play it over turf or over another rubber layer it is not that dangerous!

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