How do YOU swing hard without tension?



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    I really like these two variations on the above concept of "putting on the brakes":

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    Scottbox wrote:

    I really like these two variations on the above concept of "putting on the brakes":

    Yep, there are a bunch of takes out there on parametric acceleration (shoulder up) and decelerating the body into impact (kinematic sequence). Here they’re specifically using a ‘brakes’ analogy to explain energy transfer between body segments and into the club.

    Chris Brook has some good videos on deceleration in terms of the mechanics presented, but they’re not as easy to watch. Peter knight made a more watchable one, focusing on hands-to-clubhead, as do Chris Ryan and Robyn Symes.

    Where I think Chris Brook differs - and I think it’s important - is that this isn’t just about hands-to-clubhead, but rather happens in a sequence across body segments too... And in those cases the deceleration is actually caused by an acceleration in the next segment.

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    Club has to be on plane more than anything—then you’re not fighting the forces, ie less tension. When I’m on plane and have a good tempo I feel like I can go at it as hard as I want. Also, being aligned and decisive with the shot I want to hit helps.
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    Eliminate expectations and swing harder.
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    I just make sure I exploit the forces of gravity to the fullest - it swings the club as fast as needed.  :wink:

    (i'm obviously kidding for anyone just joining this program)
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    Remember you are trying to make the club head go faster not the handle.
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    Shoulder velocity.
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    Use my legs and the ground to make as loud a swish through the ball as possible.   

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