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Medium To High Launch Driver Shafts

jimbjimb Advanced Members Posts: 1,740 ✭✭
Just turned 70 last December and I was wondering if I need more spin and increase height on my driver to maximize my distance off the tee. I play a low spin driver (Epic SZ) and currently have a Fujikura Pro 62 Green in it in stiff. I love the driver head. I moved to a sea level area in the Carolinas from the northeast, so I can expect some loss of distance by virtue of where I live now. I go to the range a lot and use my range finder for distance to the various flags at the range. My irons are Apex Pro 19s and they have stiff flex shafts installed in them (Elevate Tour). I have a smooth transition, so I don't jump on it from the top.

My carry with my 8 iron average 145 yards. I carry my 5 iron about 175 yards. My driver carry distance is about 225 yards. So, I believe I am in the mid-90s club head speed with my driver. I want to keep the Epic SZ head, but I don't want too much spin either.

I am looking for any recommendations for a mid/high trajectory shafts that don't spin too much. I was thinking about some Graphite Design models, like the AD IZ or even the AD DI shaft. But they are $$$$$$. I am thinking I am still in the stiff shaft range, but Graphite Design does have some SR flex models that may work well. Any recommendations?


  • 11forgedblades11forgedblades Advanced Members Posts: 532
    GD prolaunch blue would be a cheap experiment vs a fitting.
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  • ValtielValtiel Konica-Minolta Bizhub Advanced Members Posts: 1,777 ✭✭
    A higher launch shaft accomplishes this by deflecting more before impact and adding dynamic loft to the head, you can accomplish the same thing with a higher degree of consistency by simply turning up the loft on your driver a bit. Someone with a smooth transition is going to notice less impact from shaft to shaft, so you're better off with the loft adjustment, especially if you're already used to the shaft you have. If you raise your launch however, you will raise your spin unless you change your strike location, so keep that in mind.
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