Who is the slowest tour player



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    Bryson D is slow
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    Club Pro Guy
    Bigmean, on 08 September 2015 - 07:21 PM, said: "I know it is really frowned upon here, but hitting the club somewhere near the middle is generally the greatest tech advancement you can put in your bag."

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    Furyk setting up to the ball and then stepping away would be annoying to play with, I know it is annoying to watch

    On 18th today he was right up the edge of water with a lefty stance. He stood on the edge and pretending to him a bigger swing and took him forever to just punch back 30 yds back in play like a chicken. I thought he was going for something spectacular to watch.

    The guy is already very difficult to like and that made it worse (for me at least LOL)
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    KennyP wrote:

    Most of those nominated are American. Serious question; why is that, does it start in college?

    Nah. Way before that. It starts when they are sperm.
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    iBanesto wrote:

    -- "The slow-play habit, let me say, is like the cigarette habit -- it is so hard to break that a man is wisest not to begin it." -- Jack Nicklaus


    That's an interesting quote from Nicklaus. In his first major win at Oakmont, he said video footage of him smoking cigarettes on the golf course made him realize what a bad example he was setting for kids and he gave up the smoking immediately.

    Seems he was not able to give up the slow play process, but it worked pretty great for him!
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    That Keith Mitchell guy is the worst! The waggle, the stepping away and then the waggle again. Luckily he's most likely a flash in the pan and we won't have to see him on TV very often. 
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    Cantlays putting routine drives me nutz!
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    has to be Cantlay 100%. 

    He's the only player on tour where when getting airtime, I stop watching.
  • MilkyButterCutsMilkyButterCuts Members Posts: 925 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Some of you guys are naming players that aren't even close to slow..
  • kyleluteskylelutes Members Posts: 82 ✭✭✭
    Cantlay is pretty atrocious .
  • Broessner71Broessner71 Members Posts: 101 ✭✭✭
  • fowlerscousinfowlerscousin Members Posts: 796 ✭✭✭✭✭
    spieth can be really bad. hes one of those guys that turns any interaction with a rules official into a cross examination 
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    edited Mar 22, 2019 2:43pm #74
    KennyP said:
    Most of those nominated are American. Serious question; why is that, does it start in college?

    I think it start earlier than that at Jr. golf. Too many teachers actually teaching them to be deliberate and methodical. Not that those are bad, just keep things moving. Last year I was out solo and ran into a kid playing a practice round. His dad was in the cart with him not playing, just kinda coaching and being a caddie without carrying the bag. He could play, at 15 he was probably better than I am.

    But he walked all over the green reading putts, 2 dozen practice swings, he would walk up to the green and inspect the green for shots from 50 yards and all kinds of other nonsense range finder plus yardage book. Pre and post shot conversations with his pop, "should i fade it, watch out for the bunker on the right son", "ok Jr, when you look at this 135 yard par 3 what do you see"? "How are you going to play this hole"?" etc etc etc. 

     Finally I just said, I am going to take off, I dont have time for a 5 hour round when it is just you and me and we are both on pace to shoot under 80. so I took off when we got to a green and never looked back. 
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    tiderider said:
    who's the fastest player? ... rickie has to be up there, along with dj ...
    John Daly and Mark Calcavecchia played in 2 hrs 3 minutes.--and got reprimanded.  Slow play is the fault of the PGA Tour.


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    Do you think jt and rickie give Spieth the business about slow play in their shirtless money rounds? If he was my friend I would feel obligated to say something.

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