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Hot Melting Driver & 3W (Titleist 915D3 & 913FD)

neonsohcneonsohc Advanced Members Posts: 167 ✭✭
Thinking about buying a hot melt gun and swing weight my driver & 3W with hot melt instead of lead tape. I was planning on putting the hot melt through the weight ports and keep the hot melt in the general area of the weights. I am going to have to put a considerable amount of hot melt in both clubs since i cut them down 1" or more and prefer a heavy swing weight. My driver is at an E2 right now and my 3W is at D2. I have the heaviest weight available on my driver (17g) but then i also have probably 12 or so grams of extra lead tape around the hosel right now to get the swing weight to E2. 3W isnt a huge concern, cause i think i would only be adding 8-10 grams of weight to the club.

would i be running into any issues with putting that much hot melt near the weight port of the driver? Is there anything i should consider when placing the hot melt? I dont want to effect any bias, i just want the weighting.


  • Awainer1Awainer1 Advanced Members Posts: 814 ✭✭
    You’re overthinking it get the gun and squirt a bunch of glue in there
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