Odyssey O-works #1 black with micro hinges

RebbuttRebbutt Members Posts: 16
Anyone rolling this blade and finding it challenging to dial in speed to lag 30+ fr putts? I’m trying eyes closed drills to develop feel with the micro hinge. Any tips or similar experiences? (Note; I find this to be a great stick inside 25 ft so I think the problem is training myself... not the club)
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  • freddiedavis65freddiedavis65 Gadsden, ALMembers Posts: 61 ✭✭
    I have been using the studio stainless Scotty for 15 years and switched to this putter (after trying the stroke lab 7s and Red Spider unsuccessfully) and love this putter. I am using a skinny Odyssey grip instead of a super stroke and I think that gives more feel
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