Please name some good Youtube Video Instructors.....

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OK, while running on the treadmill in my home, I placed a 40-inch screen at eye level in front of the treadmill to keep my mind occupied while running (so I don't watch that stupid blinking dot go round in circles and realize, that's all I've gone so far?), and it works brilliantly; the Youtube smartTV apps work better on newer TV models than older ones (it must be the computer processor in there) and better when hardwired than wireless streaming. I've moved over from watching running videos to golf instruction videos. So far I've been watching/subscribed to Top Speed Golf with Clay Ballard and MeandmyGolf with Piers Ward/Andy Proudman. Are there any others you would recommend (that have a series of videos, not just 1)? The only thing that doesn't work so brilliantly is when I try to make a practice swing left to right (I'm a lefty) while running forward.....a few times I had to grab the guardrails :-) . What's nice about some of these is that they are usually outside and often show you results of what they are doing on a Trackman or some kind of swing analyzer.
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    Arthur Debolt.

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    Clay Ballard is one of the best I've found.

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    TXG and Mark Crossfield are my 2 favorite, not always instruction, some reviews, and course vlogs mixed in with Crossfield. Golfhollics for beautiful filming work and course vlogs. Peter Finch also good for a variety of content. 
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    Good stuff from Monte Scheinblum, M. Malaska & E. Cogorno
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    spbrooks said:
    Good stuff from Monte Schienblum, M. Malaska & E. Cogorno
    Definitely agree with these three
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    I've found some of the stuff from Dan Whittaker Golf helpful, he seems to be a good coach. 
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    I agree with those who cited Monte Schienblum. He's got a great sense of the golf swing and his explanations have always helped me to understand cause and effect. I definitely feel like I have become more knowledgeable from watching his stuff.
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    I find some of the female instructors out there much easier to understand.  I think they are better teachers.
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    Clay Ballard is one of the best I've found.

    I like Clay Ballard but he does focus too much on 'lag' in his videos.  He's pretty good and explains things pretty well though overall.  I would vote for Chris Ryan, Eric Corgorno, Dan Whittaker and M&MG (and maybe Russell Heritage and Marc Crossfield - although he's too much of a contrarion) as the best instructors.  Monte's not really on youtube anymore but his comments are typically helpful.  There's a lot of them and it sometimes can get confusing but they're still fun to watch.
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    Danny Maude is pretty good too.  Honestly I don't think any of them talk about anything revolutionary, but they all have their own style of presenting similar concepts in ways that may click better with certain people. 
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  • I avidly scour YouTube and other internet outlets for golf instruction because that is how I primarily learned/learn the game. I am pretty much completely self-taught through watching and reading everything I can and trial-and-error. Here are the channels I've found below:

    Mark Crossfield
    - but IMO his instruction isn't as good or common as it used to be.
    Clay Ballard - don't bother, his videos are absurdly long and they will always cut off by asking you to purchase his program.
    Monte Scheinblum - great instructor, a little rough around the edges, but has some profound wisdom about the swing.
    TXG - take a different approach to analyzing the game. Data to back up their points. They are both entertaining guys to watch.
    George Gankas - I don't agree with all his teaching but he has a lot of good stuff.
    Mike Malaska - same as above, pick and choose what works best for you.
    Scratch Golf Academy - I used to live near this guy in Naples, FL. Really simplifies instruction and is a very nice guy. Rather basic instruction but still worth a look.
    Meandmygolf - Same as Mark Crossfield, they focus more on instruction than anything else but I haven't really found their stuff all that useful. They do a lot with Pro's now though so it's fun to watch.
    Bebettergolf - So this guy is on his own personal golf journey, but he has 1-off or 2-off videos of his lessons with tons of different instructors. It's a great way to find new instructors you didn't know about before and follow their teachings. And the Bebettergolf guy seems like a nice dude who is passionate about the game.
    Tony Luczak - This guy has really great insight into the golf swing that will really get you right in the way you think about the game.
    Shawn Clement - People swear by this guy, I personally can't stand him. I find watching him, his golf swing, and movements to be so cringe-worthy. That being said, he has a loyal following so I'm sure there's good stuff in there. 
    Mygolfswingevolution - This guy's early channel was so enjoyable to watch. He's on a personal "Ben Hogan" swing journey and really analyzes all sorts of different areas of the golf swing. Some of his videos really can give you "ah-ha" moments while others are very into the weeds. His later videos are hit-and-miss, and I find a lot of his videos are now promoting his own books or seminars or events. That being said, he's a guy on a journey to improve his swing which is really what we are all doing.
    Rick Shiels - His channel has changed a lot through the years. Same with his buddy Peter Finch. Rick is getting really popular outside of YouTube and starting to do other things besides make videos I have never found his instruction all that worth it, but his equipment reviews can be fun to watch.
    Dan Whittaker - Lots of instruction on his channel. Much more of a "teaching" channel I think. Lots of good videos.
    Pete Cowen - This guy teaches Henrik Stenson and Thomas Pieters (among others). I don't know if he's still actively putting up videos, but find some stuff by him, it's very good information.

    There's a lot of other channels that do equipment reviews or are average and fun to watch sometimes. But a lot of the above will get you started down a long road of instructional information. 

    I hope that helps a little!

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    Some good recommendations in here and I’ll add Chris Ryan 
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    Thanks all... this will keep my busy. As I said in my opening line, I watch these while running on the treadmill, so I guess I'll have to churn some miles now!
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    Every time I watch a new video my swing changes. Basically I just pick the instructor who is as fat as me and swing like him.
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    Funny.... I was talking to a guy at the US Open one time and we were talking about getting personal instruction and he was a bit portly and said something similar.... "I don't want to get lessons from some skinny kid with a 26-inch waist who can't even begin to know what it's like to golf with a 40-inch waist." …. he left me thinking about that for a while and whether there was merit in that.
    TheGooch said:
    Every time I watch a new video my swing changes. Basically I just pick the instructor who is as fat as me and swing like him.

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    Monte, Athletic Motion Golf, Chris Ryan, Meandmygolf.
    TXG for gear

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    Haha.... I checked her out, very cute, easy to follow and listen to, i.e., minimal accent (golly, listening to what's his name, the English dude's harsh accent gets me tired following along... I'll let you guess who).

    @Gautama said:
    Can't believe no one has mentioned Golf with Aimee! She's genuinely very good. (The downside is I'm starting to develop some deep feelings for her, and my life is feeling a bit empty. The things we could do, together, for my golf game.) :D

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    Russell Heritage for full swing. Danny Maude bunker video was the best I've ever seen; turned bunker yips into easy out and chance to make a putt.

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    Although catered towards women...Christina at More Pars Golf is great for 20 handicap men as well. Love her NE accent!

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    No matter who you choose...find someone who makes sense to you and STICK WITH THAT ONE. If you bounce around between the different instructors out there, you will be more lost than a **** in a fan factory.

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    Agree with the above post. Find ONE person that makes the most sense to You and stick with that one for the most part. Personally I Love Monte’s vids. His early “ cargo shorts “ in the park vids are classic” . Highly recommend his videos for purchase too. They are very inexpensive for the amount of info in them. You can download to phone and watch at gym also. I do.

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    Wondering how many Youtube instructors there are in cyberspace, 3K?

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    You really cannot go wrong with Martin Chuck. CJ Goeks was not bad either. Some of the higher paid ones are overated IMO. Others have "some" good stuff, but a lot of questionable things as well. (Powerless arms, square to square). Aimee is nice to look at but has some good foundational stuff and I like her way of explaining.

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    Let us not forget Paige Saranac and Lisa Lobb.

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    just be careful with relying on these guys. nobody has a one-size-fits-all, and a lot of times--at least for me--is that you'll go to the range, experience one set of issues. then watch a specific youtube fix on that issue, and then create 5 new problems for yourself. it wasn't until i got lessons from my own coach that my swing has become consistent. that being said, i still do watch youtube videos, but it's more for the fun stuff--equipment reviews, and then simple tips/tricks chipping/putting that are much more consistent. I've enjoyed the chipping videos from Phil FWIW

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    I subscribe to King Soloman's line of thought..."There's nothing new under the Sun, for ALL is vanity".

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    @Dinosaur said:
    I subscribe to King Soloman's line of thought..."There's nothing new under the Sun, for ALL is vanity".

    Nothing new except for the spelling of Solomon...

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    @jonsnow said:

    @Dinosaur said:
    I subscribe to King Soloman's line of thought..."There's nothing new under the Sun, for ALL is vanity".

    Nothing new except for the spelling of Solomon... got me there...I guess I won't be applying for the position of "scribe" after all.

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    Athletic Motion Golf has great material!


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