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What has golf given back to you?



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    Like many have mentioned I played golf from a young age, I got very good as a teen and played to a pretty decent level. Then in my early twenties I got married and things started to change, it's not all her fault, I didn't stand by my love of the game but slowly my particiaption dwindled. Then in 2007 my father died, he was my main link to weekend golf and without him I drifted further and further away (always being supported in my move away from golf by my ex wife).

    Eventually we divorced (not golf but growing up into different people as a cause) and I still didn't get back into the game. At this point I had gotten pretty low, I'd let myself go a little, drank more than I should and didn't really have anything in my live to enjoy. Then in 2014 I met that special someone. She had never played but knew I had, we married in 2015 and her first declaration once moving in together was "I want to play golf, I want you to play golf, I want us to play golf together" It's now 2019, I'm playing golf almost to the same level I was as a teen, she's off low teens and we have a great way to spend our time together. If she hadn't taken a liking to the game, I'm not sure what would have happened as I'm not sure I could turn my back on golf twice.

    She got me back into this game, but the game gave me a great life with a partner who is happy to be on the course with me or understands why I'm on the course without her. Golf has given me freedom, purpose and most importantly perspective. It may only be a game, but it's a game I love and a game that can teach a person everything they need to know about life and how to live it.

    I couldn't be happier that my kids are now getting into golf also.

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