Evaluate my swing

Never posted a video of my swing for critique here, but figured why not give it a shot.

I am swinging a Cobra F8+ set at 14.5*.  It has a Fujikura Speeder Pro 84 X Stiff.  Pretty sure it's not the right shaft for me.  But hitting it for now.


  • MoomitchMoomitch ClubWRX Posts: 25 ClubWRX

    Your weight is really far forward in your set up, which is causing you to stand up out of your posture during the downswing to compensate. You are also bring the club back really inside and coming over the top on the way down. I would try to even those out or even reverse them. You want to create width with the clubhead on the backswing, so you dont come down steep.

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  • mikewohlwendmikewohlwend ClubWRX Posts: 317 ClubWRX

    Thank you. I will work on those things and see if it helps.

  • LeoLeo99LeoLeo99 Members Posts: 3,925 ✭✭

    I agree with Moomitch. See if this video helps you.

  • ToolishToolish Members Posts: 23 ✭✭

    You lose your posture as your whole body goes to the ball instead of pivoting a turning. Part of it is to do with your weight at address but that won't fix it all. You need to learn how to pivot correctly.

    Exactly what and how is hard to say, it is actually an issue I have too, but you need to look into it.

    As an aside, I am researching getting a skytrak, any feedback on how it is working for you?

  • TPG1971TPG1971 Don't Get Rolled Members Posts: 956 ✭✭

    Did you get back into your shoes after that swing?

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