Who has gone spikeless and not looked backed

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As the title says, always been a soft spikes guy and am amazed at how comfortable some of the spikeless shoes are. Have any of you that made the switch regretted it or gone back? If the worst part is wearing the spikes out I can deal with that. Any downfalls?


  • SocratesSocrates How can it be so *&#% hard to make a shoulder turn? WinnipegClubWRX Posts: 9,166 ClubWRX
    I have not found one pair of spikeless that have a firm enough sole.  I wear and use spikless shoes, but not to play in.  I deal with a bit of plantar fasciitis in my right foot and spikless and golf leads to problems.
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    I got a pair of Nike ones that have better grip than any Footjoy shoes I've ever owned, but the "spikes" on the spikeless aren't very durable.  I get years out of spiked shoes but my spikeless shoes showed a lot of wear after just one year.  
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    Now that in recent years Ecco has got Gortex, going back to them. Most comfortable shoes I have ever worn!
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    Have played spikeless shoes for 4 or 5 years with no problems.
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    I have been exclusively spikeless for about 10yrs, all Ecco biom. I would never consider going back. I used to suffer PF in both feet and haven't had a recurrence since moving away from stiff soled, high heel drop shoes. I am a believer that low drop flexible shoes strengthen the foot muscles and reduce or eliminate PF.
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    I don't know, I bought my first spikeless over Christmas (Nike) and my foot has slipped 2-3 times each round already on my driver swings, like I'm standing on ice.  I'm hoping it's just that it's not gripping on the dormant Bermuda grass and has better gripping action when the grass starts coming in thick, otherwise I'll go with plastic spikes.
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    I've gone spikeless (aside from my all white FJ Icon Black's).  I have Ecco, FJ, True, Adidas...etc.  No issues ever with slippage and I like that after the round I don't have worry about running to the locker room to change my shoes if hanging on the patio or anything.  I'd say Ecco are my favorites right now.  
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  • I went spikeless with a pair of Nike's a few years ago but switched back to spikes.  I just found spikeless didn't have enough grip for me and couldn't grab the ground as well as I'd like.  I switched over to a pair of Adidas with spikes, and just got a new pair of Adidas shoes this past Xmas and have zero complaints.  Adidas has been some of the most comfortable golf shoes I've worn.
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    When it's wet I have to have spikes.  I've slipped walking down hills with spikeless shoes.
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    I got a pair of FJ spikeless as a tee gift in a scramble tourney... decided to wear them for that round and fell on my **** the first hole on the tee box. Changed them out right then and there and haven't gone back. 
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    I love my Adidas Crossknit Boost, so much that I bought a spare pair for casual use.  First golf shoes I've worn in years as I usually wear trail runners or my Teva sandals.
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    Love spikeless but miss the grip. I would play with spikes if the plastic ones held up longer and did not have to clean all the time. Not sure how people do it. I'll stick with my Ecco Biom Hybrids for now.
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    I want the LCV2s because they seem like a good middle ground between spikeless/spiked but i feel like ill need to make a real effort to always avoid the cart paths, parking, clubhouse and that seems like a real PITA haha
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    I love the Nike Lunar Control Vapor 2. A spikeless shoe with better traction than any spiked show I have ever used.
    I suspect the long term durability might not be as good as others, and I'm a little bummed they seem to not be making that sole in any shoe right now... still an amazing shoe. 
  • LUMALUMA I Am My Greatest Downfall Jax Beaches, FL.Posts: 2,367 ✭✭
    Spikeless are ok... When it's wet, spikeless can be a little slippery. In Florida, that's pretty much all the time. I like my spikes.
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    I wear them, but as stated by previous posts, only when it's firm and fast.  Too much traction lost when it's soft and wet.
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    ive been spikeless for 3 years now...all Nike.  I don't swing out of of my shoes to warrant the price tag of full spikes...UNTIL, i walked down some wet stairs leading to the tee box .  The Air Zoom 90s almost put me on my ****.  Lesson learned...avoid wet paved areas.  I'm gonna start looking to decent spiked shoes now, just for the early morning rounds
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    I have never found a pair that i felt provided enough traction. 
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    I went with some Adidas for my first pair of spikeless shoes. Can't remember the exact model, but they do have molded "soft-spike" style cleats - they just can't be replaced. I have never had any traction issues with these shoes.
    Honestly, my reservations concerning spikeless shoes was more about durability and longevity. With spiked shoes, you could theoretically hold on to one pair forever and maintain performance. I worried that the spikeless would have a much shorter life.
    So far, and after two seasons of use, the Adidas spikeless have worn well and maintained their performance.
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    I never liked soft spikes so I've been spikeless since the arrival of True Linkswear on the scene. 
  • UberzzUberzz Posts: 124 ✭✭

    Spikeless here with no problems. I play here in Seattle, where we deal with wet conditions nearly all year, and have yet to encounter any major issues. Has my heel slipped? Perhaps a few times, but not enough to make me switch. But, I suppose it may depend on your swing type, as to whether you need more traction than spikeless can provide.

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  • USAF Retired E7USAF Retired E7 Finnish American Posts: 305 ✭✭

    My last 3 pairs have been Eccos and I cant see wearing anything else for awhile.

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  • TheGoochTheGooch Members Posts: 86 ✭✭

    Moved from Ecco Biom to La Sportiva Trail Running Shoes (waterproof) and love them way more than golf shoes especially when walking.

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  • ChrisLC40ChrisLC40 Rochester, NYMembers Posts: 53 ✭✭

    I've been spikeless for the past 4 years or so. I have very narrow feet and found spikeless to be slightly more accommodating in that respect. For '17 and '18 I wore the Footjoy Golf Athletics until they stretched out too much, and in December I bought a pair of Addidas adipower 4orged. Love them.

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  • smashdnsmashdn Let's cut them trees down. Posts: 930 ✭✭

    They both have their place.
    I have some cobras that have a sole like the old "turf cleats" that baseball and football ('merican football) players wore when playing on Astro-turf. They work and are comfortable but it better be dry.

    I have some of the Skechers go golf's that have a harder spikeless sole. Somewhere between turf cleat nubs and molded baseball cleats. They have better traction but still will slip if it is really wet.

    I keep a few pair of spiked cleats around too that I like the look of and for when I need more traction.

  • Z1ggy16Z1ggy16 Members Posts: 7,168 ✭✭

    I have not found a pair of traditional spikeless shoes yet that feel "Stable" enough in wet conditions (or sand) that really make me want to switch. Issue is I have a odd foot and I'm SITLL searching for that unicorn pair. So far the closest has been Lunar Control Vapor (2). While not having spikes, but not really a traditional spikeless shoe, I find these combine the best of both worlds. Very stable and firm outsole with cushioned support so that they don't murder your feet. I find regular spiked shoes like Adidas 360's etc with the little pods will eventually create pressure points on my feet.

    The one major downside of the outsole of LCV is they absolutely murder soft greens. I'm not a heavy guy really and I'll leave pretty substantial impressions on softer surfaces. I'll always tap my marks down around the hole but I do feel like I am not doing the green keeps any service wearing these in the spring.

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  • 2putttom2putttom # 1 Oregon Duck fan Members Posts: 9,765 ✭✭

    works great

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  • radimanradiman Members Posts: 4,630 ✭✭
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    @2putttom said:

    works great

    I have been hunting for a pair of golf shoes that feel like comfortable sneakers. These look like they could very well fit the bill. Even the spikeless shoes I have tried have been very rigid feeling in the sole. How would you rate these in terms of comfort?

    Looks like a Japan model?

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  • dlygrissedlygrisse Members Posts: 13,010 ✭✭

    When soft spikes first his the market I was working at a golf club, this was circa 1997..the proshop sold spikeless shoes similar to the ones you see today, and I got a pair immediately...I think they were Dexters????. No looking back at all, I hate changing "spikes" I hated the way my feet felt after wearing metal. I will never buy a pair of "spikes" again.

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  • NateshotNateshot Members Posts: 27 ✭✭

    I almost exclusively wear spikeless shoes now, although I own a couple of pairs of spikes that work into the rotation every once in a while.

    My newer Ecco Biom Hybrid 3 being my favorite. I also own a pair of Adidas Adipower Boost that I really like although their waterproofing is wearing out. I recently picked up a pair of Nike FI Impacts that I wore just Sunday and have zero complaints about those.

    I've never had traction issues and I swing pretty dang hard especially when I have a driver in my hand.

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