What non-blade irons have the thinnest toplines and little offset?

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I'm not a low handicapper (GHIN ~14), but I'm not an aficionado of hunky metal heads. I have a set of JPX900HM's that I loathe, look like a chunk of metal sitting down there.  I like my Adams CB2 forged better mainly because of the thinner topline and minimal cavity back.  I've noticed Talormade PSi Tour/forged (a few years old) seem to fit this preference category.  Aside from straight out blades or smooth MB's, what other minimal CB's fit the bill for thin topline, minimal cavity backside protrusion, and minimal offset?
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    Any Titleist CB will do that. I had the 716 CB/MB combo after playing 690 MB for years. I loved the look of the CB’s but didn’t find them much more forgiving than the 690mb. If you are comfortable with the CB’s then you should have no problem with the MB’s
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    Mizuno makes some very clean non-blades. The mp18 SC and MMC both have fairly thin top lines and not a ton of offset. 

    Also take a look at ping i210 also clean topline and not much offset and very easy to hit. 

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    900 tour?
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    Ping i200 or i210 would fit the bill.
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    Ping s55
    Ping iblade
    Ping Rapture J-spec
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    Ping i500
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    Ping iWedge 50* Aldila NV 105x
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    Ping S55, much more than the i200 or i210.
    I've got some Titleist 710 CBs that are OK with regards to the topline, but the S55s are cleaner. I can't speak about the Mizuno 900 Tours and TM clubs because I'e not really had a good look at them, but I do suggest you give the S55s a look. I was seriously impressed with them...OK, full disclosure: I'm looking at picking up a set myself.
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    Staff v4 and v6. I'm basically in your boat and play the v4 currently. Low profile, short blade length, plenty forgiving.
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    But my vote goes to Wishon 560 or 565 or 771.

    Or heck, even my 870's have a skinny-ish top line with no cavity to be seen at address.
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    The Miura cavity backs and MC have very thin toplines. The Titlelist 716/718 CB might be my favorite looking CB, for minimal topline and offset. The Apex Pro 19 might be worth a look--the 16 was a small iron hard to distinguish from the Apex MB from the top (I've put them side by side before).

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    55* MG Raw Tour issue S400
    60* Hi-Toe Tour Issue S400
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    Maltby te forged
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    Titleist 917f2 15.75
    Adams Pro Mini 20,23
    Bridgestone j36 pc 5-pw
    Cleveland rtx3 50,54,58
    Ping Sigma G Darby
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    Miura ( as mentioned before), Srixons 7 series, Mizuno 18 series SC/MB, etc
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    Miura CB57
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    Miura 1957 55C, 59C Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 Tour Wedge 125
    TaylorMade Spider X Navy 34/355
    Titleist Pro V1

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    I'll have to compile a list.....
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    Another vote for the Miura CB57
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    Bridgestone Tour B XS
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    Miura CB57 
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    Adams DHY Pro 27 + Irod 105x.
    Adams XTD Forged Tour Issue 6i - GW + Recoil Prototype 125F5.
    Adams XTD Forged SW/LW + KBS Hi-Rev x.
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    Taylormade P770
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    j40 dpc?

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    Titleist 816H1 20* Diamana Blue 80S+
    Callaway X-Utility 24* GD GS95
    Titleist 718 AP1 5-G KBS Tour 90
    Titleist Vokey SM7 52*
    Callaway PM Grind 60*
    Yes! Tracy 2
    Titleist AVX
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    I'll have to compile a list.....
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    Summary:  (Good golly, the list is long.... seems like you can't help but trip over a thin topline iron)

    Titleist - CB, MB

    Mizuno - MP18, SC/MB, MMC, 900 Tour
    Ping - i210, i200, i500, S55 (more than i200's), iBlade, Rapture J-spec
    Taylormade - P790, P770
    Wilson Staff - Staff v4, v6
    Wishon - Wishon 560, 565, 771
    Miura - CB57, MCs, CB 1005/1006/1007/1008
    Callaway - Apex Pro 19, Apex MB
    Maltby - Maltby TE forged (don't make it in lefty; I'm a lefty :-(
    Srixon - Srixon 7 series
    Tourstage - MR-23
    Bridgestone - J40 dpc

    GHIN Index 13.8
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    can't leave out the Maxfli Revolution Blacks, thin topline and minimal offset

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    TEE XCG7 Beta 22*H - Diamana Thump T93 Stiff untipped at 38.75"
    TEE XCG7 Beta 25*H - Diamana Thump i465ct 4i shaft stiff 38.25"
    Maxfli Revolution Black 5-PW (27,31,35,39,43,48) at -1/2" length DGS300U
    Vokey SM4 52-08F
    Cleveland TA588 57-10 (bent to 56*)
    Vokey SM5 60-07S
    Coutour Dornoch Putter 33" - 365g Head - SS Flatso 2.0
  • YuckYuck Fore! Members Posts: 2,446 ✭✭

    J40 CB.

  • shredNECTARshredNECTAR Members Posts: 119 ✭✭

    Mp18 SC

  • GolfingfanaticGolfingfanatic Members Posts: 3,023 ✭✭

    R9 B heads

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    TM M2 DF 16.5° 
    Honma TW737 FWc 21° 
    TM RSI UDI 3 
    TM 2011 MC Onset 4-PW
    Cobra King Pur 54°/ Vokey Proto 60°
    TW Ardmore
  • lychyrychylychyrychy Members Posts: 11 ✭✭

    My vote go to Cobra King Pro CB and look beautiful in chrome. More compact (read: shorter blade length) than Iblades which I also own, less offset than Iblades and more forgiving. My toe hits feel flushed and go same distance as middled shots that I cannot say about Iblades.

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    A few have already said but the Bridgestone j40 is exactly what your looking for.

    Titleist 917 D2 , F2
    Srixon z U65 3
    Bridgestone combo j40 dpc/cb
    Titleist vokey SM5 52,56,60
    Sc studio stainless Newport 2

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    I'm just curious... someone indulge an honest question.
    I'm hitting some pretty small clubs, but I don't have some sort of OCD trigger when I see a "thicker top line". Now maybe I'm the only person that thinks this, but I'm not looking at the top line. I care about the lowest groove. I just need to get the bounce width correct so I'm not coming up hard on river silt grass. Is this just a low-cap obsession, or is there some sort of "science" behind that top line size? I thought a somewhat thicker top helped provide forgiveness, no?
    Sidenote: many of the newer "slim top lines" are the effect of shaping and illusion...

  • OldplayerOldplayer Members Posts: 2,360 ✭✭

    Older player cb's generally have narrower soles and thinner toplines than more recent forged cb's.
    The famous TM 300's are a good example of this. Very blade like profile in a head that is not too compact.

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