Perfect Titleist 680 Heads for 5 Bills. Raw 52 Voke for $60

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 <3  One set of 4-9 Titleist 680s.  <3
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Newly refinished by The Iron Factory... played one round of golf with them to check on durability (I was very curious and pics are from AFTER that round)... they may as well be brand new. Jim did an AMAZING job with these, can't recommend it enough. They were very, very used.. i gamed them for years, but use cavities now. Regrooved (conforming) and rechromed in February. 

I have the 3 iron head, it was not refinished, but also wasn't really gamed. Can include for another $50.
  • Lofts are 1* weak from original standard. 

52* (looks like it may have started black and then stripped.. not original owner)
This never got shafted by me, never got to the 52* gapping.
46* Raw SOLD
I am the original owner and used this for one season. Only full swings, no chipping or pitching. 

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Ardmore 3... My Byrons look pretty in the office though.


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