Golf Fitness or lessons?

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60th birthday coming. The wife wants to buy a gift. I am not sure if I should go for golf fitness sessions to improve my flexibility or lessons to improve my swing? What would you do?


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    I think it depends on what is most lacking.   If you have a consistent swing and some physical limitations then fitness might pay off.  

    If you are in good shape but your swing is bad then lessons.
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    is both an option?  

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    If it really is an either/or, I'd join the gym, start doing a Starting Strength type program (squats, deadlifts, etc.) that is going to increase your mobility and spend the big bucks on lessons.  The key is finding someone that knows what he/she's doing though.  Unlike some on here, I think lessons are far from a "commodity."
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    I would let golf lessons inform the need for fitness sessions. And there are golf instructors who can handle both.
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    I would recommend putting the money into lessons, plus buy the Drive400 program online and just do the soft tissue and mobility work regularly.
    At 60 if you dont want to get in the gym, I believe this is the best and easiest way to make a big impact.  I do gym work too, but Ive been amazed after doing this work what a difference it has made to my game.
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    Lessons and spend time online to find a program to work on flexibility / strength on your own. It's much easier to learn fitness and flexibility on your own than it is to learn the flaws of your golf swing.

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    The one thing about lessons is they don’t help if you don’t do the work to change your old swing. This has taken me time and effort to do. But between the two, if you’re willing to take advantage, take lessons and do the exercise on your own.

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    Easily lessons. Fitness is free

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    Going for a walk....Free
    Getting it closer than your buddy.....Priceless

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    Lessons. The instructor should be able to tell you where you lack mobility and what area of your body may need the most work. From there, you can utilize many of the online resources or programs that best address those needs. I have never been a big fan of the "golf fitness" mentality. Being fit in general will help many aspects of your life, golf included. If you need to target a specific area, you can do so without a "golf fitness" routine.

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    Both if possible. I'm about the same age and have been working with a PTI person to improve my flexibility and taking a few lessons at the recommendations of the pro. The PTI person recommended several stretching exercises and hopefully they will improve some limitations from age and injuries. I'm hoping together to stay more flexible and able to continue playing golf for many years to come.

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    On -, @Tanner25 said:

    60th birthday coming. The wife wants to buy a gift. I am not sure if I should go for golf fitness sessions to improve my flexibility or lessons to improve my swing? What would you do?

    I'll take, "C": Trip to Bandon Dunes. :-)

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