How Many Balls Are Too Many? (Range Time)

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I find that if I have practicing on the range, many times, I cant stop. I have been doing some swing changes and when I find my groove, I cant stop hitting balls. I have had this problem my whole life with golf. I don't want to stop. 2-3 hours straight... 9 irons, 8 irons, 7 irons, 6 irons, wedges. Many times, I am best when I am fresh on the range after about an hour. Then it starts getting inconsistent. The inconsistency then leads to me wanting to hit more balls. 

If you are a lower handicap and frequently practice, when do you walk away? Or should I even walk away? Like I mentioned, I am making changes to my swing so I need to hit balls! 

Not sure if this should go in Instruction/Academy or not...
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    You should walk away when you start feeling mild fatigue and before your form breaks down. You want to practice your golf swing with correct form. If you continue when you are fatigued and hitting bad shots, all you are doing is ingraining those issues into your swing. Usually if I hit this point and want to keep hitting I'll go chip or putt.
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    I personally find it a waste of my time to practice without a trackman and/or a instrustor watching me closely. I'm not good enough to correct myself without information and most likely will be repeating my flaw or adding in a new flaw. Range for my pre round is just as a warmup... impossible to correct at that point

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    I use the same philosophy I used to use with kids when I was coaching baseball. I was taught by a hitting instructor when they get in a groove only let them have a few more swings then have them take a break. He said that having the muscle memory of the good swings was much better than lots of swings where they fall into bad habits because of fatigue. So I started doing this a few years ago when I’m at the range. I took lessons last summer and when I was done with the lesson my instructor would leave me half a small bucket of and he’d hand me a couple of tokens. He said finish the bucket and come back sometime before my next lesson and use the tokens. He explained it to me pretty much the same way the hitting instructor did.

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    If I had 100 balls to practice with, I would use 70 around the greens and 30 for the rest of the bag. :)

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    20 balls for me

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    Take a few breaks if you want to get a lot of practice in. Ball after ball for hours isn't good practice.

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    Try slowing down frequency once you're warmed up, take an extra 30 seconds between shots, simulate round situation, one swing, move 4 clubs, one swing etc. You'll get more out of it and hit less balls.

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    On -, @Nard_S said:

    Try slowing down frequency once you're warmed up, take an extra 30 seconds between shots, simulate round situation, one swing, move 4 clubs, one swing etc. You'll get more out of it and hit less balls.

    Saw a guy at the range earlier he was hitting about 4 balls per minute (I timed it!). It was crazy, you can't possibly get anything out of that.

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    No more than 20 minutes on a specific kind of swing - 20 min. wedges, 20 min. irons (various irons, 4-9) and 20 min. driver sprinkle in some 3/5 woods and that's that my friend


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    OP I had the same issues. When practising I start with a short iron and move up the bag. My problems would arise when I was on the driver, after at hitting at least a bucket. So I started taking notice of when my swing started getting bad, basically when I lost my feel for it, then just switched to hitting pitch shots 75 yards and in. When you're driving it well you end up with more short shots anyways so it pays off in the score.

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    I love hitting balls on the range as much as I love playing. I find that too many balls is when I start missing them consistently which is usually because I'm hitting them too fast. Helps to go back to short irons for a while when things get off until I get back in sync. Realistically a large bucket is more than enough but more is better. :p

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    If I'm on the range to warm up I hit balls until I feel warmed up and no more.
    If I'm on the range to correct a problem, I decide which 1 thing I want to work on before I go to the range, and stop when I achieve what I went t the range for, or am no longer able to focus on the one thing, whichever comes first.


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    Whats going to make you 100 full swings or 10 little ones with a focus and a purpose?

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    I typically just run through the bag and hit high, low, draw, fade, etc. Usually a large plus a few will do. It's when I'm having issues that I feel the hitting balls thing gets heavy. If I'm having issues or working on something, I'm not sure what else there is to do except hit balls. I don't see how hitting a small bucket is going to do anything really if 10 of those 35 balls were shanked, thinned, etc. There's obviously an issue that needs to be addressed.

    I guess the main question here is when you are having trouble with your swing, when do you walk away???

    Went to the range again yesterday. Hit the first 5 shots fine, then proceeded to have lost it all. All over the club face, no feel, done. I hit A LOT of balls yesterday to try and figure it out and it just didn't happen. I think I just need to work with a swing coach for a month or so again. I think I have too much in my head and i'm trying to focus on too many things. I think I have gotten to a point with things where I need to work with someone that can just stand back and watch me hit balls and we can have conversations about things. Range time alone isn't helping me right now... I'm either ON like nobody's business or I might as well just go home and come back another day with a fresh body and mind because I cant get it together.

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    We likely hit too many balls. I was once told my a motor skill specialist that what is most damaging is doing the movement patterns incorrectly. So, you could have on player that hits 30 balls a day and practices the movement patterns correctly each time and that player would get a greater benefit than the golfer golfer that hits 300 balls and practices 150 of them with a movement pattern that is far from what they desire. That's why he was a big proponent of slow motion practice and it convinced me as well about using slow motion practice.

    The problem is that there is something to be said for quantity of reps. And it's difficult to get enough reps with slow motion practice. So for me, with limited time, it becomes a choice of trying to get some reps in or trying to execute each rep in order to find the right mix of what can work the best in the shortest amount of time.

    The other issue with spending so much time on the range is in my experience range rats generally don't play all that great. There are some like Bryson DeChambeau that can despite never playing. But, I think the differences in environment between the range and the course are so great that most people, like myself, do not adjust well and **** away strokes when they get on the course. And I think a lot of it has to do with focus and concentration being different when you're on the course and you have a tricky lie with the wind blowing in a direction you're not comfortable with and having to a trajectory that's not to your liking, etc.

    So in that essence, if range time is getting in the way of actually playing're hitting too many balls.


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    I had this same problem, i'd hit between 240 and 480 balls a range session.
    I had to limit the clubs i take to the range, i know have iron days when I take a 6 and a 3 iron, a woods day where i take the driver and fairways, and then a scoring day where i take a 9, gap, and lob wedge. I know just hit 120 balls a session.

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    Like most things in both this game and in life, though we would love for it to be a black and white answer, ie., 40 balls, 73 balls, 105 balls or whatever, that is not to be and there is no way to accurately predict how many balls that you or really anyone can or should hit.

    One, it’s an individual thing as a few, and make no mistake, you would have to go through hundreds if not into a 1000+ individuals to find the guy/gal who’s concentration focus and discipline is as great in their 5-6th hour of hitting balls as their first few minutes and first few balls, however the number of balls that one should hit, AND NOT ONE MORE, is exactly the number that he/she can devote 100% of their energy, drive & focus on and this includes from pulling the club from their bag to stepping behind the ball and going through their PSR(I know that most of ya do this regularly😝😜) and visualizing the target, their swing, the ball flight & the successful outcome of that ball covering the target, to stepping into the box, going through their waggle(s) and firing at that target.

    For some, they can’t do that on one ball, and for others, it could be hundreds.

    Unfortunately, I’ve never seen a chart that could accurately predict that number😉

    Stay well Gents🍻

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    I always get a large basket and it has around 104 balls. I start off with left arm only for about a quarter of the basket with an 8i and then proceed to wedges and work my way through the bag ending with driver. If I’m really feeling it for the day I end up leaving about 20 balls and calling it a day.


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