HELP! Need hope on choosing new iron shafts!

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Recently, I decided to upgrade my set of Ping S56 irons that I've had in the bag since they came out. I hit everything out on the market at the moment from the i500 to the P760, P730 and everything in between.
I am a scratch player but I don't play as much as I'd like. I carry my 7 iron about 180 on a good day and swing at about 114mph with a driver.

I've always liked a slightly lighter shaft as I feel that it forces me to slow down and control my swing just slightly. I decided to go for the P760 head, but I am stuck between shafts. On one end, I really like the Nippon Modus3 105, but on the other end, the True Temper 120g X100 feels like butter too. I tried to play a Tour Issue X100 about a year ago and lost my swing with it and will not go back to a 130+ gram.

With my swing speed and moderate tempo, will a 105g vs. 120g shaft really make too much of a difference? And is there a reason to favor Nippon over True Temper or vice versa?

Any advice or direction is much appreciated as I haven't had much luck in discussions of these two shafts and weights when it comes to slightly higher swing speeds. Thank you!!



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    Honestly, go get fitted on a solid launch monitor. My 7 iron swing speed was around 95 and I hit it high with a ton of spin... went to get fit and got handed an allegedly high spin shaft and I spun it less than most everything. I ended up in I think dg 120s as I spun them the least and like the feel best .


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    Nippon qc seems to be a step above. I built a set of Irons with Nippon shafts and they were all within .5g of eachother. The 125's and the 105's are going to be similar to the x100's but with a more active feel as to not feel boardy. The 130's have a softer tip which produces a slightly higher launch but lower spin so it's a flat flight. The 120x and TX are unique iron shaft profiles along the lines of the handle soft tip stiff whiteboard profile from Mitsubishi.

    I am personally a fan of the Nippon shafts and from the sound of things I would give the 105x an extended test run if I were you. I don't particularly care for light shafts and I had no problem hitting them with any kind of flight I wanted. I settled on the 130x's purely based on comfort and preference and could not be happier. When I was testing shafts I built 2 7 irons with different shafts and hit all sorts of shots with them. I know people like to say go get fit but I can honestly say I have never ended up gaming something that was the best performer on the launch monitor. The fittings get me in the ballpark and then I do lots of play testing, I hate changing equipment for this reason, it's a lot of work, so I typically mimic exact set ups, swingweights, etc. as much as I can to keep it familiar. Find single 6 or 7i with those two shafts and spend some time with them. Worst case you sell one at a slight loss and keep the other as a rock club/spare beater. In the end the cost of buying a single iron or two to test drive is insignificant to the expense of getting the wrong shafts in a new set.

    The Nippon wedge shafts are outstanding as well, my 125 wedge shafts offer me a bit more spin control then s400's, they just always seem to generate the perfect amount of spin I'm looking for and are very consistent in flight as well.

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