Atmos TS Black 7, Evenflow T1100 65 White Or Hzrdus 60 Smoke?

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If you have hit both of these, would you care to give me your thoughts on them? Thinking about an F9 Tour Series and these shafts are available, and from what I have read, are low launch, low spin. I am not sure I will have the opportunity to test these, even though I would love to, and just curious what others can tell me. Only head-to-head review I have seen of the first two had the author say the Atmos was smoother. I was pretty well set on the Atmos in a 6, but don't see that offered by Cobra. Thanks


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    I changed the title and forgot to change the body of the post, so if you have hit any two of these, please give me your feedback. If you have hit all three, that's even better! Thanks

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    Tried all 3, but in different driver heads. From what I found EF white was the higher launch/spin of the bunch. Smoke was in the middle at the lowest is the Atmos Black. I ended up going with Atmos Black 7x because it also was very smooth, and felt like I could load it a bit better that the PX shafts.

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    Don’t care for the EF or Smoke, too much “Project X board” feel for me. Have the Atmos Black TS in my driver, love it. Check out the Fuji Pro 2.0 TS as well, it’s quickly starting to become my favorite of 2019. Already have a 7x Pro 2.0 TS in my 3w and may be putting the 6x in my driver in short order...

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    Thanks for the feedback, guys, I appreciate it

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