60tx or 70tx

I ordered a shaft 70tx but received a 60tx in which is really 69g so I gave it a chance never hit a 60tx always been a 70tx player. I kinda liked it. But am curious what a 70 will do in which is really 79. Can anyone tell me there experiences from the 60 to 70 driver shaft weights.


  • KevCannonKevCannon ClubWRX Posts: 102 ClubWRX

    If it’s a higher balance point shaft (counterbalanced) the 79 gram shaft will feel like it weighs mid to low 70s. If it’s lower balance point the 69 grams may feel like a low 70 gram shaft with mid balance point. The 70tx usually will have lower torque than 60tx all else being equal. At least thats been my experience.

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    How long is your driver? If it’s shorter than 45 then I would definetly stick with the heavier shaft.

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