Left (lead) side in golf

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I've been looking at the cause of several inconsistencies throughout my game, full swing, chipping and putting. I've been doing a bit of practice where I allow the left side to dominate, sometimes I'll remove my right thumb and forefinger, other times I'll grip very lightly with the right hand. What I'm seeing in practice is a better clearance, less casting and a better release in my full swing. Less fat/thin chips and my putting stroke seems to be improving. Is it possible for the right side to be overly dominant to a point that it causes problems?


  • Conner GolfConner Golf ClubWRX Posts: 79 ClubWRX

    I play light to no pressure with my right thumb and forefinger to provide ballance in my grip. I feel that with my over lap grip my left thumb and forefinger are on the same side of the axis point between my hands and my club shaft as my right hand.

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