Iron Loft Guide

disco111disco111 Members Posts: 955 ✭✭

Anyone know of a site that lists iron lofts? Tried Golfworks and another site but nobody has info on MacGregor NVG irons.


  • Stuart_GStuart_G New HampshireMembers Posts: 22,886 ✭✭

    Don't know if they have those or not but could look here:

  • disco111disco111 Members Posts: 955 ✭✭

    Appreciate the reply Stuart. That site didn't have anything listed for the Mac's, but I found it at the clubfinders site. They had the 7 iron listed at 30 degrees loft, along with other Mac's the 8/9/W all had strong lofts. I didn't think they, the OEM's, were jacking up lofts that far back, but apparently they were, according to that site. Again, appreciate the response....

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