Adjustable drivers: lie adjust impact on strike

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Ive heard a pro talk ablit this on you tube or something. Not sure where. Im wondering if any better players out there have had similar experience:

I was hitting balls at the range. I usually play drivers in thier standard setting, but i decided to mess around with the surefit hosel on my titleist . I noticed that these adjustments had a significant impact on strike location on the face.

I typically stike the face in a similar location every time: middle to high toe. I am pretty good at tracking the clubs cg and matching it with the ball. When i adjusted the neck, my cluster of strikes moved around the face a bit. For example, it seemed that a more upright lie angle encouraged a more toe sided strike. Flatter lie tended to create a strike pattern more middle or heel if anything.

I used impact tape and it was pretty amazing how consistant the results seemed to be. Im going to continue to mess with this.

Anyone else have this experience?

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    And here i thought i was crazy. Im experiencing a somewhat similar situation although i cant pinpoint exactly what is happening with my strikes because i havent yet kept track of what setting is causing my strike locations (Im a 1st time Titleist TS3 surefit user too, so i havent really tinkered because my settings are working pretty well, so no need to f*ck with it ... yet)

    All i know is there are certain settings in Surefit, that would cause me to strike all over the face which brings forth a two way miss. And as soon as i switch back to my original setting, the clusters would be back towards the middle.

    Youre not alone.

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    It definitely feels like the effective cg or sweet spot of the driver is effectivly moved when i adjust the hosel. Like the head changes angles and therefore, the cluhead’s weight in relation to the shaft changes. Ie of you close the face, the back part of the driver will stick out more, so more weight will be outside the ball.

    Theres definitely something to that.

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    Did you try choking up with the flat lie to see if it went back to the center?

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