WTB Xcaliber SL HY and/or FW Shafts

Bad9Bad9 Members Posts: 4,178 ✭✭

Looking for one or two Caliber SL regular flex hybrid shafts. A regular flex fairway shaft would also be of interest.

Ping G400 10.5°/Xcaliber SL r flex
Callaway Heavenwood Xcaliber SL r flex
Maltby KE4 Tour 25°/Xcaliber HY r flex

Maltby KE4 Tour 28°/Xcaliber HY r flex
Ping I200 5-G/CFS70 r flex
Maltby Tricept 54°/Xcaliber r flex
Maltby Tricept 58°/Xcaliber r flex
Mizuno Bettinardi C06
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