Top players follow parents’ advice and emphasize academics when picking school
“The third question we ask participants was who will have the biggest influence on where you attend? Participants were given the option of four response: parent, swing coach, high school coach or friends. Nearly 70 percent of respondents suggested that their parents would have the biggest influence, followed by swing coach (24 percent), friends (6 percent) and high school coach (none).”

“The fifth question asked participants: If you have two similar offers, what would be the biggest factor in your decision between coach, team chemistry, academic ranking, scholarship and golf ranking. Nearly 40 percent of respondents suggested the biggest influence would be academic ranking, followed by coach (36 percent), team chemistry (12 percent) and golf ranking and scholarship tied at 6 percent.”

Kids follow parents advice, and also focus most on academic ranking of school; scholarship $ gets very low priority, despite some people’s thinking that it is one of the primary motivations of parents and their kids in raising junior golfers.


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    This survey is very misleading. The senior showcase is only for every kid that hasn't committed to a school. We are talking 47 boys and 19 girls. Most of these kids are going to be low DII, DIII, and NAIA prospects. If a junior golfer is playing in the AJGA Senior Showcase, they are just looking for a place to play at that point.

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