58 or 60 degree wedge?

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I received my Hot Metal Pro 4-PW and S18 50 and 54. Now do I go with a 58 or a 60 degree or does it really matter? Live and play in Central Illinois. Hot and humid all summer long (thanks cornfields) but can also dry up and be hard. I’ve never played with either. Getting back into golf at 35 after quite a few years of not playing. I plan on playing a few times a week now that I can afford to and have the time.



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    I don't think it really matters much. I need one wedge for little greenside shots and it could be anywhere from 57-64.

    If for some reason you like to make a lot of fuller swings with this club and don't like taking partial swings with the 54*, then maybe get the 58* so the gap isn't as large.

    Good luck. I got back into the game at about that age after no not playing much for 15 years...

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    I'd keep your wedge gaps consistent
    58 seems like it would fit the bill

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    Well, for me, I find that the 58 is a little easier to hit full to 1/2 swings. I find that the difficulty level goes up just a little with the 60.
    I am sure that it is all up to skill level, but I find it easy to open the 58 wedge to get some more loft, than to do the opposite with the 60.
    BTW, I would love to try the S18's, they are supposed to be very, very nice.
    Good luck, you should be able to enjoy golf a lot more now that you have some life experience under your belt. So much easier to keep things in perspective when you get out of your 30's. (for most people) :)

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    I’ve experimented with 54, 56, 58, 60, 64 and learned what works for me is not full shot gaps from the fairway but green side options.

    Hence, my LW is 60* with high bounce and my SW is 56* with medium bounce, helps me out of the rough and bunkers under any scenario.

    Partial shots from the fairway I am able to hit with my PW at 48*.

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    From a pure loft perspective, it wouldn't matter much at all to me between 58 or 60. More importantly for me is to also have some options in bounce. E.g I carry three wedges - 52 is a "mid" bounce, 56 is high/aggressive bounce, 60 is low bounce.

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    I went from 60* to 58* and now an use it for full swings. I was never comfortable using the 60* for anything other than green side.

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    ... Anecdotal but after lofts got stronger with players irons and pw's going from 48* to 46* I switched from my long time standard 54/60* to 52/58*. For me at least the 58* is just so much more versatile for full, 3/4 or even 1/2 shots. Hitting the 60* a little harder just seemed to make the ball fly higher, not longer. With my 58* I can squeeze out a few extra yards when needed. I also found opening the 58* produced similar performance as opening my 60* or at least close enough to make the switch easier than I expected.

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    Go with the 58. For you just getting back into golf the 58 is a friendlier club. Not so kne dimentional as a 60 either.

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    Fill the need and/or gap certainly, but in general a 58 will be easier to use for most players. You can still open up a 58, but honestly unless you're a greenside guru, the flop shot is often not the highest percentage play. I found a bit more variability in my 60 degree full shot distances just depending on how I delivered the loft at impact. Happy with my 58 now, and feel less tempted to open it up all the time just so that I can flop my ball from 15 feet off the green to 3 feet off the green...

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    Can hit the ball plenty high with 58 if I need to, but for past few years have enjoyed lower spin and better control I get with 58 vs. 60. More about grind for me and plenty of bounce, but I just don’t need any more loft than I have. Weather and turf really isn’t determining factor in that 2 degrees of loft.

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    In the past I've alternated between a 58.12K and 60.04L depending on the course conditions. This year I'm going mainly with a 60.07 S-grind. The loft is not as important to me as the bounce and grind. I think the S-grind may help me simplify things a bit and improve my lagging short game. Time will tell.

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    I have the same set, then the 50* "set" GW and then 54 and 58 degree wedges after that. I like the gapping a lot and find the 58 to the perfect high loft club for me. Much easier for me on full shots than a 60+ and if I really need to get it up and stop it (greenside bunker or a little flop) then I'm laying the face all the way open anyway and the 58 works perfectly fine for that.

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    I have a 60.08 bent to 58.06 and use is from about 80 yds and bunker shots. Most courses here are firm with tight lies in fairways

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    I've primarily played a 52°, 58° setup since college. I experimented with a 60°, but I've found the 58° a little more versatile and easier to manage.

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    I think it's all about whatever specific club, its grind, bounce, loft, etc - whole package.
    I found a gently used Miura 59 degree 1957 C, and whatever combination this is, it's easy to get the ball up with or without using the bounce.

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    More than anything, keep your gaps the same. Whether you go 50/54/58 or 50/55/60 just make sure you keep the gaps in order to get the best variation of shot abilities and distance gaping with your wedges. I never understood why they even make a 56-degree sand wedge, but I digress...

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    I like 58 degree over a 60.

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    Interesting that a fair number of people find the 58* much better on 1/2 to full swings vs. the 60*. I've preferred to use a 52-54 for as many shots as possible inside 100 yards unless I don't have a choice. Even at 56*, I've always had difficulty with the ball coming off consistently (or at least as consistently with an easier swing with less loft) and get a) the higher not farther or b) one that goes too far. Of course, I could hit the ball better but I generally try to use these clubs only for greenside shots.

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    @Chuck905 said:
    I’ve experimented with 54, 56, 58, 60, 64 and learned what works for me is not full shot gaps from the fairway but green side options.

    Hence, my LW is 60* with high bounce and my SW is 56* with medium bounce, helps me out of the rough and bunkers under any scenario.

    Partial shots from the fairway I am able to hit with my PW at 48*.

    Did you get your P bent 2 degrees weak?

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    In the end your preference is what will make the decision but you can imagine how the two would differ just slightly:

    • the 60 will likely perform a little better on short bunker shots.
    • the 60 will likely bring the ball in just a little bit softer on pitch shots.
    • the 60 might slightly increase spin on a number of shots.
    • the 60 might have a slightly smaller margin for error around the green.

    Personally, I've loved having a 60 for quite some time now. It feels just right for the things I use it for. Even though I've tried going to a 58 at times (which is what I'm doing now, actually) I almost always find the 58 lacks something the 60 did more naturally. I do most of my chipping with a Gap wedge so that is taken care of. My Lob wedge is used for things like:

    (1) Full shots around 75-yds
    (2) Short bunker shots
    (3) Lob shots
    (4) Flop Shots

    In my latest stint trying the 58 which has gone on for a 2-3 rounds now, I've noticed that not only has that full shot increased to about 85-yds but bunker shots are going slightly long and the ball isn't coming in quite as soft on lob shots. I think I could easily get used to having a 52 / 58 combination as I do now but I think I'll end up going back to the 52 / 56 / 60 combination. If I do insist on pulling a wedge for a long club, I guess I could temporarily remove the 56 since it's the least valued of the 3 in my game.

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    For me, the 50, 54, 58 wedges work the best. I have much more confidence in my 58 than 60 (Ping Glide 2).

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    I have ping Glide 54 SS and 58 ES. The 58 is for sand and fairway due to low bounce. Rest of the shots within 100 yards are 54. The ES is money out of sand and I can manage some flop shots 40 yards are less.
    The 54 is like the soft blanket though. I practice with it almost entirely. The recommendation that has been made multiple times on these forums is to choose a wedge and stay with it as much as possible. You will get to know all it’s tendacies and your short game will improve. Yardages will become instinctally.
    As much as I hate to admit it, and as much as I want to be that creative short game artist, the 54 with bounce at three different positions on the ( full, half, and bottom of grip) grip has saved me many strokes.

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    For many years I played 52, 56, 60. 56 was my default chipping and pitching club with 60 as the specialty high and soft club. I recently grabbed a 58 and have been experimenting with it. I find it to be a very appealing in between. It has the comfort and ease of use of the 56, but the ability to land soft like a 60. I feel I could get a two for one if I wished and just use the 58.

    I have a Sunday bag that I typically carry about 10 clubs and use for leisurely walk rounds, and the 58 is perfect for that setup.

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    Another vote for the 58* here, and have been using one for 15+ years after previously being a 60* guy. I've found a 58 does just about everything a 60 can do, but more predictably. Chipping is easier, for me, and flop shots are no more difficult, but the important thing is half to full swings are so much more consistent. I can take a full swing with a 58 with no worry about if I'd slide under it, something I could never figure out with a 60.

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    I have a 60* that no longer gets used, except for fun on a simulator. I feel comfortable doing everything that I could do with a 58* by simply manipulating the face and my stance. For me, personally, my 58* seemed to be a bit easier for me to hit square on shots over 1/2 effort.

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    Went ahead and ordered the 58.

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    @DFDLT said:
    Went ahead and ordered the 58.

    Just love what you got and don't look back. 2-degrees won't make or break you. Like you guessed, it won't much matter.

    I'll take the good wedge player with the wrong club any day. Wedge play is all about technique and skill.

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    58* with some kind of heel grind so you can lay it open if you need to.

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    I prefer 58, found it was easier to hit for me. Much more consistent.

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    I drop the 2 iron or one of the other UDI's based on course.
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