Is this driver a persimmon or maple ?

Hi all, I've just purchased this driver. It's going to match my 28 yr old Tommy Armour 986 Tour Forged blades. Just wanting to know if the driver is Persimmon or Maple ? Cheers


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    Thanks for the quick response. Glad to know it's persimmon. Quite difficult to find any information on the internet about this driver. Must have come out round about the same time I guess as my irons, late 80's I reckon

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    Persimmon. I think the year the 986 blades came was, easily enough, 1986, so I would guess your driver is the same. 1986 to early/mid nineties.

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    And also the preferred 'U' grain to the wood.

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    That’s a beauty !

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    Awesome ! You know in all the years I've had my irons I didn't realise the 986 "86" was the year they came out. I purchased my set in 1989.And the BU13 what does that mean, also any idea on the loft?

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    Pga Tommy Armour woods were my 1st set. I had a set w red/white/red inserts . This was around 1985

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    @Shallowface said:
    From the 1986 Catalog.

    Thanks Shallow, simply awesome stuff. It's interesting how the irons page doesn't mention the offset, or lack thereof. Probably because it wasn't such a big deal in the mid 80s. LOL

    First time I've ever seen 986 Tour specs.

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    Thanks for the link, and ja same for me seeing the 986 Tour specs. Driver arrived yesterday, only took 2 weeks from the States. Near mint condition head and shaft. Just needs regripping.

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