Right Shoulder: Down vs Out

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This video has helped me tremendously with my typical OTT move. There are tons of youtube videos etc. that discuss OTT, but this video for me is the real deal and I think it probably would be for most typical OTT'ers vs all the lead with your lower body stuff and keep your right shoulder back stuff. The lunge toward the target with the upper body was terrible for me and ingrained due to all the get to the left side as fast as you can instruction. For me, due to my ingrained lunge forward, it feels almost like I'm "hanging back" and then turning. My misses have been much more playable recently.

The only thing I would say is that I think it would be like having a FF button having a lesson with Monte. I had to dig this out of the dirt meaning I kept trying to incorporate what Monte is teaching in the videos on my own, which is fine, it just took me longer to figure it out on my own. Once I finally made the correct move in this video and started seeing results on the range I went back and watched the video again and said, "Holy****, it's right freaking there, he's saying it right freaking there!" Plan is to send in a video soon.


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    "This video has helped me tremendously with my typical OTT move."
    What video are you referring to?

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    The title of the post, "Right Shoulder: Down vs. Out" from the rebellion golf series from Monte Scheinblum. Sorry, I assumed anyone coming to this subforum would probably be a member of rebellion golf. This video in this series just really hit home with me and it just "seems" like it would help a lot of people with the typical OTT move that I have struggled with for a while.

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