Tour issue R510 TP , Tour issue R580 TP, Mizuno MP T4 set

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I've been hoarding some really great "GolfWRX classics" for a while now and decided it's finally time to pass them on. Another hobby is calling so it's time to clean out the closet.
Up first, some brand new Miura CB-501 3-PW with Nippon 120x shafts. These were bought heads only from a Miura dealer back in December and built by Green Grass clubfitters here in suburban Chicago a few months ago. They are standard loft and 1 degree upright from Miura standard (which are flatter than US brands). Can't be many brand new 501 heads are still around. I'm asking a fair amount but trust me, I'm losing big $$$ here.

Free shipping on the Miura irons, $15 shipping on the other individual clubs.

Asking $1,100

Up next, a Tour Issued 9.5 Taylormade R510 TP. It was restored by Continental Golf a few years ago and remains in near-mint condition. It has the vaunted Fuji 757 Speeder in X flex and a NO1 grip.
Asking $125

Up next, a Tour Issued 8.5 Taylormade R580 XD TP. It was restored by Continental Golf last year and remains in near-mint condition. It has a brand new Graphite Design AD-IZ 7X shaft that alone retails for $300, along with a NO1 grip. I'm too lazy to pull...
Asking $200

Up next, a 15 degree V Steel 3 wood with a Purple Ice 85x shaft. It was restored by Continental Golf last year and remains mint condition. The Purple Ice shaft was bought brand new last year and has a NO1 grip as well.
Asking $100


~~~~Up next, a 9.5 degree Titleist 910 D3 with the Ahina stiff. It's in really good shape but hasn't been restored. Grip is a little worn.
Asking $50~~~~

And finally, a Mizuno T4 wedge set of 52, 56, 60. There is face wear on the forged faces but tons of groove life left in these. They have fairly new Lamkin UTX grips as well as the DG Spinner shafts.
Asking $100 for the set

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    To clarify for everyone:

    Free shipping on the Miura irons, other individual clubs will be $15.

    Lowballers will be ignored. I think I’ve priced these fairly to save you the BS negotiations.

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    Pm sent

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    Titleist 910 is Sold.

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    I wish I would’ve never sold my 510 tp with 757 or my vsteel with nv 85


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    @mBiden2 said:
    I wish I would’ve never sold my 510 tp with 757 or my vsteel with nv 85

    They are as relevant now as ever. R510 TP is still my long drive record holder. You should hear the sound of that thing.

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    That Vsteel is a solid club. I have a 7, 5, and 3 with NV shafts that rotate around in the bag.

    Bigmean, on 08 September 2015 - 07:21 PM, said: "I know it is really frowned upon here, but hitting the club somewhere near the middle is generally the greatest tech advancement you can put in your bag."

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