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  1. Srixon z585 4-6 z785 7-P with Steelfiber i95 stiff. Standard LLL besides 5 iron and 6 iron 1 degree weak. Standard Z cord logo down. Straight from Srixon. This was a very expensive set. Awesome set up just need different shafts. Played literally 2 rounds. PHENOMENAL shape. Sold!
  2. Cleveland RTX-4 Raw 50.10 54.10 60.09 with matching Steelfiber i95 stiff. Standard Z cord logo down. Straight from Cleveland. Again awesome set just need different shafts. Used 2 rounds PHENOMENAL shape. Sold!
  3. Taylormade Spider Tour Black Double Bend. 33. Mint used 1 round. Can barely tell from new. Took stickers off the shaft for clean look. Super stroke 3.0 slim. Comes with headcover. Sold!
  4. Tour ad di 6s with Ping G400 tip. Couple scuffs nothing major. Hair under 44 but played 45 in my G400. Graphics aligned with the standard position. Standard Ping tipping. Standard z cord logo down. Sold!
  5. Tour ad di 7s with Titleist 917/TS fairway tip. 41.75 played 42.5 in my 917/ts 3 wood. Standard Titleist tipping. Graphics aligned with the A1 position. Standard z cord logo down. Sold!

No trades and will not split heads and shafts. Will do deals for multiple items. Shipping US only.

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