"Worn out" Wedges?

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Just trying to understand how potentially "worn out" wedges may effect my game. Two of my wedges that see the highest use, Titleist SM4 52* and 58*, are pretty old and have seen a lot of use throughout the years. They're rusted, and I don't even know how many rounds they've seen. I bought them off my cousin many, many years ago - I'm sure he put a lot of rounds on them as he was on a junior competitive circuit at the time, trying to eventually make a run at having a career in the game. They've been in my bag for what seems like 10+ years.

I've been an "on and off" golfer for the past 20 years, but have really taken up the sport again over the past year since moving to AZ. Based on my fear of these wedges being potentially "worn out", I bought a groove sharpening tool and sharpened these two wedges up. I'm not a competitive golfer, and although I consider myself a "good ball striker" for a mid-high handicap, I usually don't take score.

My ball striking has been really good this past year (for me, a casual mid-high handicap player), with the irons and wedges being the most consistently well struck clubs in my bag. My short game (putting and wedges) is usually the weakest component of my game - but a lot more so due to strategy and poor decision making than actual ball striking. But I can't help but wonder if new wedges, paired with lots of greenside practice and better strategy implementation, would help make my short game better - perhaps mine are "worn out" and not working for me as much as they should?

1. At the end of the day, would it really be worthwhile to update my wedges? Would I see any greenside improvement, and thus potentially enjoy the game more? Or should I keep rocking my old wedges, and "freshen them up" every once in a while with a groove sharpener? How much of a difference would it really make at the end of the day?
2. If the answer to the above is yes, what wedges are worth considering? Right now on my potential list would be Vokeys, Ping Glides, Taylormade MG's - anything else? FYI, I've been turning over a new leaf lately and trying to be more frugal with the purchase of a new house, so big bonus for any money I can save. I did recently buy a Mizuno 52* and 58* T7 wedges, but I have no confidence with them. My ball striking is much, much better with the Vokeys. I would hate to repeat that mistake, as I currently have those Mizuno wedges collecting dust in my shed.



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    On this site if your asking if you should update a club you already know the answer. Of course you can show the wife that all these people say you need to update

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    I suggest you find a place you can hit demo wedges off the turf and get the right grinds for your game. That would be the biggest improvement club wise you will get. Fresh grooves wont mean a thing if you dont get the right grind. There is a chance the sm4 do not fit you now. Especially since you moved to AZ. I wouldnt play same grind in AZ or FL as I do in Ohio!

    They to find a driving range, golf course or golf store that has practice area that can fit you for the correct wedges. Titleist has a dealer locator you can use and then just call and ask. Outdoor is key

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    Just updated a couple of my wedges, changed the grinds so I hope that will help. Going from Sm5's - Sm7's.

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    Vokey had a cool little graphic that showed theoretical shots of new vs 72 (I think) round wedges.. Looked pretty cut and dry, but it's part of their marketing so take it with a grain of salt. I agree with Layman on grinds, but I don't have the patience to get fit, or figure it out. I will say that I have enjoyed some success differences between grinds.

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    Worn out is subjective based on technique or lack thereof. I have two SM6 Vokey's wedges in the bag and wedges that are over thirty years old with worn marks on the face. The old wedges still spin today's ball because I understand how to manipulate the face and impact the ball. B)

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    I play mine till the chrome wears off and the face starts to rust. It usually takes about 4 years. Could I keep playing them? sure. Does it affect spin? Probably some. But at this point it's more mental seeing the worn face than anything.

    I think Tiger gets a new wedge every couple of tournaments. Other pros probably switch at least 3-4 times a year. But they play for a living and get free clubs.

    But to answer your questions, yes spin diminishes over time, as the milling wears off the face clean lie spin decreases, as the edges of the grooves get worn spin decreases. Is it enough to affect your game, that's the question. If you use a hard covered ball I question whether it makes any difference. If you play fast firm greens and you rely on spin to stop the ball it probably makes a bigger difference.

    I read somewhere once that Tiger is more concerned about the bounce wearing down on his wedge than the grooves.

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    It's a rare day that I agree with Pepperturbo, but today is one of those days.

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    On -, @Pepperturbo said:

    Worn out is subjective based on technique or lack thereof. I have two SM6 Vokey's wedges in the bag and wedges that are over thirty years old with worn marks on the face. The old wedges still spin today's ball because I understand how to manipulate the face and impact the ball. B)

    Not to mention the fact that many old wedges had better grooves and why my old 200 Series Vokeys out spun my SM5s (long gone now).

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    Wedges should be changed every 4 - 6 weeks :D

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    You might look for a local Titleist Thursday event. At many courses where the pro(s) are sponsored by Titleist, you can schedule a fitting/club testing on select Thursdays. If you got one for wedges, you could do a side-by-side with your current wedges and the Vokey offerings - compare lofts and sole grinds, and distance gapping.
    As for grooves: worn-out grooves show up most on shots not off the fairway - don't spin as much. For many golfers, the quickest to wear out would be the SW due to added abrasion from the sand. And... regardless of grooves, distance balls spin less than mid-spin or pro balls because the harder covers don't grab the clubface as well.

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    I still have my 54* Top Flite wedge that's been in the bag ~4 years or so. Besides a PW, it's the only other wedge in my bag and gets a lot of use. I hit it on GC Quad a couple weeks ago and was still spinning 10K+ on full shots and 5-6K on partial 50 yarders. If you start to notice changes in your game on the course, that's when I would switch. Otherwise, keep 'em in the bag.

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    Thanks for all the responses so far - I think I'm going to take that Titleist Thursday suggestion to heart, and find one around Tucson AZ to see how my current wedges perform for me versus other wedges.

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    The sm4 were not a particularly hi spin wedge. Grab an sm6 58 and test the difference.

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