Titleist AVX: seems that i don't get the yardage I expected

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Hi guys,

Before switching to the AVX, i was gaming the Srixon ZSTAR XV. I'm a high launch and high spin player and i'm always trying to find a ball that reduced my iron spin while maintainning the spin with wedges and chips.

Heard about the AVX last year, i was like: it seems to be the perfect fit for me.

To give you my specs:

98-102mph with a 6i (apex pro 14) mesured by track man / ball speed 134-137 mph ( yellow range ball) 140-144 mph (avx ball) mesured with a ES14 ( tends to underestimate ball speed by 1-2 mph)


SS ( no idea) / Ball speed : 170-173 mph mesured with a ES14 ( tends to underestimate ball speed by 1-2 mph).

at the beginning of 2018 i found on the course that the AVX gave me 5 meters more carry compared to my XV.

but now after comparing the carry, tour pros get for their ball speed, I feel like i'm very short for the amont of ball speed i'm generating.

I carry a 7i 165/170 meters with a ball speed in the 135-138, a full 7i is 140 ball speed on ES14 on a good contact and thats with the AVX ball whereas tour pro with same ball speed, same club and use higher spinning ball and carry like 180/185 meters.

I good example was on a par 3 that was 145 meters/ 160y, <5 mph of helping wind, for the test, i hit a full 9i, should normally be a soft 9i. I generated a 125 mph ( on ES14) with that 9i and it only pitched pin high... I've seen on Pro tracer, pros hitting their 9i at 118-120 mph and carrying 150m/165y.

The problem is that i have a shallow angle of attack and not delofting = high launch and lhigh spin.

Maybe it's me but I found myself short compared to the ball speed i get, i was wondering if you guys can confirm it or not

with the AVX ball on course and ES14 ball speed number

9i: 120-125 mph bs / 140-145m carry
8i: 128-132 mph bs /155-160m carry
7i: 135-140pm bs / 165/170m carry
6i : 140-43 mph bs / 175-180 carry
5i: 145-150 mph bs / 190-195m carry
4i: 149-152 pmh bs / No Idea
3i: 149-153 mph bs/ no idea
hybrid 17°: 155-161 mph bs/ No idea
Driver: 170-173 bs / No idea

So i guess that if i play a prov1 or pro v1x, i would losse easily 5-8 yards of carry for the same ball speed, which would be insanely short

It amazed me to see Rory playing the highest spinning ball of his sponsor and carry a 7i with 139 mph bs above 200y with i'm struggling passing 190y...

I've seen reviews where the AVX gave like -1000 rpm with the iron but it was slower ball speed than mine like 115-122mph with a 7i, i don't have any review that gives spin number for higher swing speed.

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    A ball isn’t going to change a less than ideal impact position. You said yourself you aren’t delofting which leads to high launch and spin. Expecting to carry a 7 iron 200 yards with a less than perfect strike/forward shaft lean seems silly to me.

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    So because you aren't hitting the ball as far as a top PGA pro it's the balls fault? How about the golf swing is more than just about clubhead speed. It sounds to me you should focus more on launch angle. The spin along with the high launch angle will also kill your distance. The ball could contribute to the spin and effectively further reduce your distance. So yes it could be the ball but you identified a swing problem so I would focus more on that. Stick with a ball you know or find one that reduces your spin and continue to work on your swing. With those swing numbers I expect you have a fairly low handicap, assuming you can control the club at those speeds.

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    i played an AVX all day yesterday - found no loss of distance -- if anything, a few times i got more than i was expecting. had 206 in, hit 7i and flew the green (pin was in the back, but still)

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    What's your handicap and do you consider yourself a good ball striker?

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    Add some lead tape

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    Only on WRX do people complain about hitting their 7i 185 yards.

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    @Lomo Saltado said:
    Only on WRX do people complain about hitting their 7i 185 yards.

    Ha ha - the funny thing is that the OP was talking meters, not yards. So his 7i was longer than 185 yards!

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    You’re worried about something you shouldn’t be worried about.
    ...or you are trolling us.

    P.s. AVX is a low spin low trajectory ball. It’s not going to carry as far as a XV or a TP or a proV for most people. Do you think there might be a reason no pro I can think of uses them?

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    I find the AVX carries a half club longer for me. I used one head to head against a Vice Pro plus and new Pro V1 yesterday.

    Probably the spin characteristics that fit my swing.

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    I found same as Mcgeeno- 1/2+ longer than the Irons for me. Driver I found be same pretty much the same as the Bstone Tour BX I had been playing. I played the AVX for the first ever yesterday in a 25 mph windstorm. Found I had a much easier time controlling trajectory with the AVX than the Tour BX.
    Came in under par on the day...I have found my new ball.

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    Unless you deliver the club the same way as Rory you really can't compare his numbers to your numbers.

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