Need help with Shallowing the Downswing

I've been working the last few years on trying to hit a low, controlled cut shot. I've moved my Handicap down to a 3.2, but I'm lacking in driver distance and also trying to identify any swing flaws that might come back to haunt me in a couple years. I've worked on releasing the club a bit more in the last couple of weeks and have moved my spin rate from the low 4000s to the mid 2000s.

My question here looks like I am able to get the club swinging below the line at the top of my backswing, but the shaft gets steeper underneath that line. Is that really even considered shallow at that point? Is it something I really need to concern myself with? My ball flight is consistent and in the shape I like, but when I check my swing on camera I get frustrated that I cant get that flattening motion down :(


  • laneholtlaneholt Members Posts: 543 ✭✭

    I would certainly expect some huge slices and some occasional pulls left with your Uber upright action. If shallowing your DS is your desire then You need to know their is ONLY ONE WAY to make that happen— by the
    performance of the Human External Brains. AKA - our HANDS ! The ONLY part of the Human structure attached to the grip end of the lever. Next time you practice try rotating your RIGHT THUMB CLockwise at the very start ( and during ) your DS . Don’t let it roll back over CCW as it is designed to. Force your RIGHT PALM to face skyward during the entire action. This is against our Human genetic design and will take time to overcome it. You must teach your HANDS to perform this task which is totally foreign and unnatural to the Human being.
    It is the turning of the torso that squares the face and provides the power. Their can be NO intentional “ RELEASE “ in 2/10 second during the DS. Forget that- it is impossible .

    Good luck.

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