8 Club Minimalist Bag

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I haven't done a WITB for a while, and wanted to create one after getting new irons for this season.

Driver: Taylormade M1 430. 9.5 Degree. Kuro Kage X Flex. 44"
Hybrid: Taylormade P790 UDI. PX 6.5. 40"
Irons: Taylormade P790. 4, 6, 8, PW. Nippon 120 X Flex. +1/2"
Wedge: Mizuno T7 54 Degree. Nippon 105 X Flex. +1/2"
Putter: Odyssey Protype
Grips: BestGrips Microperf Oversized in Masters Green on all clubs besides the Odyssey
Bag: 2018 Sun Mountain 2.5 No Logo
Headcovers: Sunfish Full Leather
Shoe: Nike Roshe Tour

Overall, it's a pretty simple setup that works well for me. Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions. Thanks!

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  • dciccorittidciccoritti An inch an hour, 2 feet a day Toronto, CanadaMembers Posts: 1,559 ✭✭

    Headcover for the UDI?

    Titleist TS2
    Titleist 718 MB 5-PW
    Taylormade MG 52 SB-09 | 56 SB-12 | 60 SB-10
    Callaway PM Grind 19 64.10
    Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2
    Bridgestone Tour BXS

  • tatertottatertot Members Posts: 4,378 ✭✭

    My only question is "why not more photos?" ... That's a SWEET bag!

    Personally, I like the headcover for the UDI, especially the Sunfish. What's the loft? That's almost the exact same set-up I use when I go minimalist, and I have an 18 degree Adams proto in that spot.

    Driver: Adams Speedline Fast 11, 9.5*
    Hybrid: Titleist 816H1, 19*
    Long Iron: Ping iE1, 26*
    Mid Iron: Ping iE1, 32*
    Short Iron: Ping iE1, 41*
    Wedge: Ping iE1, 45*
    Gap: Ping Glide SS, 52*
    Lob: Ping Glide ES, 60*
    Putter: Yes Callie Mid, 41"
    Ball: Bridgestone Tour B XS
    Bag: Sun Mountain Swift X
  • JifmoliJifmoli Members Posts: 18 ✭✭
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    Sweet set, love half sets to be honest. My set at home is as follows:
    Driver: Titleist 910D3
    3 hybrid: nickent 3dx
    5 hybrid: Acer
    7 & 9 Irons: MD (don't know the model..) gap wedge: TM (RSi)
    Lob wedge: Cleveland 588 60o
    Putter: Ping
    So a bit of a mix but works quite well. Will take picture when I am home next week.

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  • wsupjswsupjs Members Posts: 586 ✭✭

    Thanks guys!

    The UDI is 17 degrees, the stock loft. The head cover is a carryover from the club it replaced, a Tour Issue Adams LSP hybrid. I'm really impressed by Sunfish's head cover quality and love its look, so I don't want it to go to waste, but doubt it'll be used every round.

  • Z1ggy16Z1ggy16 Members Posts: 7,248 ✭✭

    Thinking of doing this for my weekly walk on the local executive course. Very nice set up.

    Epic SZ HZRDUS Smoke 60 6.5
    LTD Kai'li 70X
    818H2 Tour Blue 85X
    P790 4i Modus 120X
    P770 5-PW KBS Tour 120 FLT
    Glide Stealth 2.0 50/10SS AMT Wedge
    Glide Stealth 2.0 54/12SS AMT Wedge
    Glide Stealth 2.0 58/12SS Modus 125 Wedge
    TP Black Copper Juno w/ PX 7.0 Wedge
    Sun Mountain 4.5 Bag

  • bullsfanbullsfan Members Posts: 473 ✭✭

    Sweet setup. I think more of us should game sets like this and watch our games improve. But alas, we are WRX'ers and have to live the Pro life. Hit'em straight.

  • wsupjswsupjs Members Posts: 586 ✭✭

    It's funny you mention game improvement. The half set started as an experiment mid last season. I was playing JPX 900 Tours 5-PW and decided to play a round with only the 5, 7, and 9 irons. I played well and kept it going the rest of the season, although I did change which half set depending on the course.

    I found that it prevented second guessing shots (i.e. do I go full 6 or soft 5, etc.). It hasn't resulted in dropping my ~4 handicap much yet, but my scoring is more consistent. Hopefully it will continue to improve as I dial in the new irons.

  • dav3f4nningdav3f4nning MassMembers Posts: 3

    welp... I didnt want to go minimalist.. but now I am. Awesome looking setup!

    Driver: Ping G 10*
    3W: King Cobra F7
    Irons: Ping G 2016 Standard L/L/L 4-PW
    Wedges: Vokey SM6 50, 54, 58
    Putter: Ping Anser

  • golfboy123golfboy123 Members Posts: 589 ✭✭

    Nice set up, play well!

  • minimal45minimal45 Walking Golfer WisconsinMembers Posts: 1,147 ✭✭

    Great looking set, I love the concept. Minimal sets are a lot of fun.

    Titleist DT Trusoft
  • calfan36calfan36 Members Posts: 152 ✭✭

    I use this exact makeup for when I sneak out to walk the course I live on. Even have the 2 UDI!

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