Be Brutal! I need to improve!

Hello all!
Currently a 12hcp. Desperate to get Into single digits.
I currently game a fade, path is generally neutral maybe slightly into out with face matching or always slightly open.
Strike it quite well and consistently tbh.

Would love to move it right to left but can't without sacrificing trajectory and strike. If I do try to close the face I'll usually de loft the club, push it straight right or fat it.

Happy to play the fade would just be nice to be able to move it right to left when needed and maintain a decent trajectory

Don't feel like I'm getting the most out of my strikes and swings tbh and wondered if you can see room for improvement?

Many thanks

Conner 😊


  • BiggErnBiggErn Members Posts: 2,276 ✭✭

    Not swing guru but obvious things would be coming out of your posture a good bit and too long of a swing. Also the club gets inside a bit early instead of being outside the hands. I’m sure there’s guys better equipped to give you more detailed analysis. Not a bad looking swing though all in all.

  • Pl3ckyPl3cky Members Posts: 4 ✭

    Nice one Ern, I Appreciate any help and advice!!
    I'm definitely aware the hands get quite high and long as you said...I don't know if that's down to a lack of a 'coil' on the backswing maybe?

    How does posture look bad sorry?

    Cheers for the tips though πŸ‘

  • syenkocsyenkoc Members Posts: 174 ✭✭

    As BiggErn mentioned, the club is getting a bit inside on the takeaway. To me, the root cause here is that your shoulder turn is too flat. This is also leading to the club getting a bit behind you at the top and causing the late arm lift/hitch you see before transitioning to the downswing.
    This is an extremely common problem! High-level amateurs and even pros can struggle with this. I would recommend:
    1. Watch Monte's shoulder turn video. It is the the gold standard explanation of this problem.
    2. Use some visual feedback - mirror or video - to get the feeling of what a steeper shoulder turn feels like; and come up with a swing thought for this feeling to use when you don't have the mirror/video. For me, I find that a swing thought of "right arm over left" on the takeaway works. But for you it will likely be something else.
    3. Do golf-specific shoulder turn drills in the gym and work on increasing flexibility in the rotator cuffs, scapula, etc. Many players struggle with improper shoulder turn because they are not physically capable of getting into the correct positions.

    A steeper shoulder turn should get the club into a better position at the top (a little higher and more in front of you) and will definitely shorten your swing up. You are not off by much - maybe 8-10*.

  • Pl3ckyPl3cky Members Posts: 4 ✭

    Fantastic, really appreciate that advice/constructive criticism, thanks a lot πŸ‘πŸ™‚

  • ScottboxScottbox scottbox Members Posts: 41 ✭✭
    1. Check your alignment. Often.
    2. Check your shoulder alignment. Your shoulders look a touch open (though the camera angle is funny so it's hard to tell).
    3. Get your shoulder plane steeper going back and work on not rotating the club so early, which opens the clubface and gets your shaft too flat going back. Feeling like the handle stays close to the right thigh with no rotation of the club until just past the right leg will steepen the shaft properly and prevent you from opening the face so much. Halfway back, the shaft pointing towards or slightly inside the target line. Think "hands in, club out" until just past your right leg.
    4. Because your shaft is so flat at the top, you end up having to tip it back steep at transition. You're a good enough athlete that you know it's steep coming down, so you drop your right shoulder too much near impact to shallow it out, which causes the overly inside approach and moves the low point back behind the ball. That, plus the open clubface and stalled rotation = pushes and push-fades, and fat shots. If you tried to "flip" or close the face, you'd have to have perfect timing or you'd snipe it left.

    It's awesome to come from the inside, but the way to do it is to have a proper down-and-out shoulder rotation coming down with an on-plane or slightly shallowed shaft. Your takeaway and flat shoulder plane keep you from getting to this place. Go to and pay a few bucks for Monte Scheinblum's The Efficient Swing. You'll learn how to hit the stock push-draw everyone digs!

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