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😱MAKE OFFERS! Tour-only Cleveland 588 CB 4-P with PX 6.5 👌🏿

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This ad is closed, but the Cleveland 588 CB irons are still for sale. PM me if you want to make a deal!
All prices include shipping to CONUS. No trades!

TOUR-ONLY Cleveland 588 CB 4-P with Project X 6.5 and new grips

  • Hard to find! Tour-only version of these heads does NOT have laser-etched writing on the faces (less distraction, more pwning)
  • Standard length with pro-style progressive lie angles (flatter in scoring clubs, more upright in longer clubs).
  • Project X 6.5 shafts are in extremely good condition
  • Grips are standard, black Lamkin X10 in good-as-new condition (maybe a little tape underneath?)
  • These babies are HEAVY! I tend to try and overpower the club sometimes, but these things smoothed me right out. Only Paul Bunyan is coming OTT with these.
  • I take the most revealing club face pics possible, and IMO, they came out looking much more worn than they are in person. Because of this, I also included pictures of the club at address so you can see how studly they really are.
  • Cleveland 588 CBs are a legendary iron set that any good ho should own. But the TOUR version of these heads, without the laser etching? This is Bigfoot sh*t.

$265 for manly af whoopin' sticks


Adams MB2 (PVD finish) 4-G with Project X LZ 6.5

  • There are rare cult classics, and then there are the Adams MB2s in PVD finish. Y'all know what's up.
  • 4-9 are the durable first issue of the PVD finish with 5 tungsten plugs
  • PW is from the second issue of the PVD finish, and it's fugly as you can see in the pics below
  • GW is a tour-issue head with 7 tungsten plugs and a DG X100 shaft (the rest are PX LZ 6.5)
  • Build was done by Club Champion in Austin, TX. I've had 6 or 7 sets built over the past 4 years, and the work on these is very, very good and thorough. Ferrules are great, alignments are great—it's just a **** fine build.
  • Lamkin REL 3GEN grips are rekt; you'll probably want new ones unless you love thumb grooves from a strong top hand grip
  • Specs (club, length, loft, lie):
    G: 35.75", 50.5º, 64º
    P: 36", 47º, 63.5º
    9: 36.25", 42º, 63.5º
    8: 36.875", 38º, 63º
    7: 37.125", 34º, 62.5º
    6: 37.688", 30º, 62º
    5: 38.25", 26º, 61.5º
    4: 38.75", 22.5º, 61º

  • These things are going for a zillion bucks on eBay, but I think that's insane. They deserve to go to a good home without breaking the bank.

$OLD to get yourself a set of unicorns for Mother's Day (nobody else needs to know, fam)

Callaway Fusion 9º •• Matrix Black Tie 75m4 X
TM 2016 M2 3HL 16.5º •• Aldila NV 2KXV Orange 65x
Callaway Apex 20º •• Project X EvenFlow Black Hybrid 6.5
Adams CMB 4-P •• DG TI S400
TM MG 50º/9º •• Project X LZ 5.5
TM MG 54º/11º •• DG Wedge
TM ATV Grind Tour Spin 60º •• KBS 105 Wedge
TM TP Patina Del Monte 35"

2020 Index: 1.7
2020 Anti: 5.5
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    Pm sent

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    Great ad! Those 588’s are straight $$$!!

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