What is your Golf Clothes style? And what is not?

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I am a big Adidas and Callaway Guy .
Adidas because I like the style, colors and fit. And Callaway because it is extra comfortable. Under Armour is pretty good , just find the quality isn’t the best.

Can’t do Puma, too young. Walter Hagan I want to like but Is too dated and does not fit well. Travis Matthew is too odd, like a Jimmy Buffett concert .
Oakley too tight and whackey.

What about you? What is your style?



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    Greyson, gfore and Adidas for the styles. UA looks the same every year. Footjoy and Peter millar are like tents with their sizing.

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    I love the Travis Matthew polos - one of the few polos that fits me well, most others seem too "relaxed". And I really like some of their patterns. They have some fun ones, and some more formal ones, which can be dressed up or down.

    Still trying to find a pair of pants I like. Don't like the cuts on the Puma's, UA's, Adidas or Nike's. I have some Bonobos, but need to get them tailored. Want to try some ABC's.

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    If i only knew how to operate a sewing machine. Life would be so much easier.

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    Nike and Under Armour. They make quality apparel.

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    Travis Mathew, Linksoul and Matte Grey make great stuff that can be worn on and off the course. I also wear plenty of Nike, but given my choices, I'll go with the more casual TM/Linksoul style. I tend to really like some of the smaller lifestyle brands as well, just supporting small businesses like surf n turf, sugarloaf, etc.

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    I like Adidas and Nike golf pants. Shirts I like Oakley and Greg Norman.

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    polo shirts I wear are normally Vineyard Vines, UA, FJ, and TravisMathew
    Shorts are UA and Nike
    Pants are Nike or UA for the most part

    I like to think of my style as classy and casual. Typical dad in his 30's

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    Like Footjoy atheltic fit polos and Bad Birdie. Big fan of high collars that aren't flimsy. Pants...Adidas and nothing else.

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    For pants I have gone almost exclusively to the athletic FJ five pocket style. Really comfortable with great stretch. For shorts I have pairs of Adidas, RLX, FJ, and Under Armour that I rotate through. Polos are mostly FJ, Peter Millar, and RLX. I have had the sleeves tailored and shortened on all of my FJ polos and it has made a world of difference.

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    31yo male, actually wearing a pair of UA grey golf pants right now and a lime green Puma polo shirt. Don't care about brands matching, just needs to fit well. Usually wear Taylormade hats... Just like the simple colors and the fit.

    I have a mixture of Puma and UA shirts mostly, and UA and Puma golf pants. Have 3 pair of shots, 1 Puma, 1 Adidas, 1 UA.

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    I wear the athletic stuff, Nike only since it fits best.
    I dont like the 'classic' golf stuff like the two tone shoes from FJ and whatever with the leather and etc.

    Long Live Nike
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    For shirts, primarily Adidas. I've always loved their breathable polo shirts. Shorts, I have multiple pairs of Nike and Adidas shorts that all seem to work about the same interchangeably. If I'm playing a late practice round by myself sometimes I'll chill out a little bit with just a tee shirt and some plaid cargo shorts. For shoes, I have a pair of Adidas 360 that I primarily use during the spring, with a pair of Nike Spikeless shoes that I switch to once things dry out a bit. I have a brown or black mission belt depending on what color shorts I have on. Might add a white belt to the rotation.

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    My style is shorts shorts shorts. I hardly ever wear pants on the course. It has to be below 45º before I consider throwing pants on. Same with long sleeves, it has to be below 45-50º before I throw a sweater or jacket on. The long sleeves just feel too restrictive for me.

    Short shorts, well above my knee. Polo tucked in. I swap between solid colors, or wild prints (Bad Birdie). No brand loyalty. I have polos from Nike, Adidas, Oakley, Peter Millar, J Lindeberg, Travis Matthews. Shorts are from Chubbies, J Crew, or Bonobos. I have Nike, Adidas, and Puma shoes. I have Titleist, TaylorMade, and Vice hats.

    So yeah, no specific brand loyalty, but everything pretty much fits and looks the same. So more of a "style" loyalist, regardless what brand I'm wearing.

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    Generally solids. Have a multitude of brands from both the usual golf wear suppliers as well as what I find elsewhere like Uniqlo (and I'm a big fan, btw) and "regular" stores. Even have a shirt I got at Costco that I like a lot - can't remember the brand. Overall no brand preferences or loyalties. Matching logos? Pfffffft.

    For shorts that need a belt, the belt is always dark and not a "golf" belt. I always go untucked, so it's really not visible for the most part anyways. My favorite shorts are actually beltless drawstring/elastic - super light and comfy, and with an untucked shirt, look very good to my eye.

    Dark socks, always at least high enough to cover my ankle bones, sometimes crew length. I don't like the super-low "hidden" socks. Haven't worn white socks for golf in about 15 years.

    Strongly prefer sneaker/athletic style shoes over traditional golf shoe styles.

    Baseball hat that is usually of an actual baseball team (a mix of MLB, minor league, foreign, high-school), or some other, non-golf related entity. I don't own any golf-brand hats.

    Overall, a more casual look, for sure, but still pretty trim and neat. (At my local in-town muni, where they're very relaxed about dress code I'm happy to wear a T-shirt. Basically, if you're not just wearing a thong, you're probably OK by their rules.)

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    I'm a Nike guy, especially TW collection, shirts, shoes, and hats. I like bright colors and white shoes, belts, and hats. Wild socks have become a part my arsenal mostly Happy Socks. Not into the spike less or sneaker looks at all. I'm a big guy 240, 6'1 so being nice and neat is important to me. One of the first lessons of golf I learned was " always look good, even tho you may play like *hit"

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    @kthomas said:
    I love the Travis Matthew polos - one of the few polos that fits me well, most others seem too "relaxed". And I really like some of their patterns. They have some fun ones, and some more formal ones, which can be dressed up or down.

    Still trying to find a pair of pants I like. Don't like the cuts on the Puma's, UA's, Adidas or Nike's. I have some Bonobos, but need to get them tailored. Want to try some ABC's.

    I wear the ABC's in the office and on the course. 10/10 would recommend.

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    I go for the contrasting look. European style pants from Stromberg . I agree with the o p.... " Can’t do Puma, too young. Walter Hagan I want to like but Is too dated and does not fit well. Travis Matthew is too odd, like a Jimmy Buffett concert .
    Oakley too tight and whackey"

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    Almost all nike just like their style and fit and a little UA

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    For me, Nike pant sizing have been inconsistent every other year. I found a Puma 5-pocket for a good deal, and i definitely like their fit straight off the rack. I have a go-to tailor that does all my pant alterations, and Puma pants had a more fitted taper down the leg that i liked. So less money spent on just adjusting length, which will always be the case for me. Polos...I really like the color blocking of TravisMathew and the casual everyday look of LinkSoul. Also like those two brands have more cotton-blend choices, versus full poly that Nike mostly sells.

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    Polos are Vineyard Vines & Peter Millar & adidas
    Don't do Puma or anything that fits small... I'm a big dude

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    Business casual. I wear it to work, I wear it to the course. When it is hot I substitute shorts for slacks. Might do brighter colors of shorts than I would ever wear to work. Pretty right down the middle and vanilla.

    Ashworth and FJ in traditional "golf" stripes, solid Nike and Under Armour shirts. Pretty sub-dued colors, nothing crazy in the day-glo spectrum. NO WHITE PANTS.

  • Carl Spackler3Carl Spackler3 Members Posts: 924 ✭✭

    Adidas pants and shorts, UA shirts , mostly solids, UNC hat

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    I think fit is more important than brand. I like shirts and pants that look tailored. I always wear long pants (work at country club) and traditional FJ Dry Joy shoes. I generally don't like
    clothes or hats with logos.

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    Relatively conservative but with a bit of an edge. Lots of Vineyard Vines and Peter Millar, but usually with a trucker hat and GFore Galivanters. I’ll wear most anything, but the one thing I will NEVER wear on a golf course is anything black. No black shoes, no black shirt, no black pants. Black is an absolute no go on the golf course.

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    Late 40’s, big guy, have always been an Ashworth, Ralph Lauren, FootJoy classics kind of dresser on the course. Reading this thread with interest as I’m looking for something different and don’t really have anywhere to start. Not looking for branded (Nike, UA, Adidas, etc...) stuff, like what I’ve seen from Grayson, Peter Millar but not really sure what else. Don’t want to dress like Rickie, but don’t want to dress like Phil either. Any ideas are appreciated.

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    I'm an older guy with a modern taste in fashion which extends off the golf course as well. I like slimmer fitting clothes so I go with brands like J. Lindeberg, G/Fore, Original Penguin and Galvin Green for tops. For pants, I'm all about the Bonobos Highland in the tailored fit.

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  • Ripper859Ripper859 Northern Kentucky / CincinnatiMembers Posts: 88 ✭✭

    Oversized cotton shirts with short sleeves down past my elbows. Pleated parachute dress pants. Leather saddle golf shoes.

  • RickKimbrellRickKimbrell Members Posts: 1,467 ✭✭
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    Well, I will start out by saying I am older than dirt (72yrs). Living in SE Texas, I get to wear shorts most of the year. They have quit making the shorts I preferred which was Fila Golf. Perfect fit, perfect length. If it is cold enough to wear slacks, I have Nike golf slacks in several colors.
    When it comes to shirts my age starts to show big time. 99.9% of the time, I wear button down collar polo shirts. Just about every golf shirt maker has one or two styles that have button down collar and I probably own every one of them. I find the best fitting to be Mizuno, Ping, Foot Joy. It has be pretty cold for me to wear a golf shirt with any cotton content. I think I own 3 maybe that have any cotton content at all.
    I don't care for structured caps at all. I have several colors in Taylor Made caps that are not structured. If not too windy and in summertime, I wear straw hats to protect my ears.
    Belts match my shoes.

  • RickKimbrellRickKimbrell Members Posts: 1,467 ✭✭

    @Ripper859 said:
    Oversized cotton shirts with short sleeves down past my elbows. Pleated parachute dress pants. Leather saddle golf shoes.

    You 'da man!!!

  • UnteachableUnteachable North MississippiBST Volunteer Mods Posts: 1,063 ✭✭

    I’ve been buying a lot of ping shirts and pullovers this year and I really like the quality. Other than that Nike and UA

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