Damage to top layer of driver head

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Took my new driver to the range, and in the process of testing it with different adjustments, I hit a ball way too high on the face, and a large chip came off the top layer of the club. I can live with the damage, but my main concern is whether or not such damage will affect club functionality. I stopped using it immediately because I wasn't sure if anything else might start flying off it. I've attached an image for clarification. Also, any suggestions on repair? I'm actually waiting to see if Wilson will replace the club under warranty, but in case they don't... Thanks in advance for any responses.


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    I bet it would. It may not support the face well and you may lose some COR.

    Does it make a funny sound when you hit it now?

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    Darn I hate that vulnerable area!
    My current G400 is immune to 1-wedge pop up blasts, thank goodness!
    My old Titleist 915 was not so heavily armoured and showed similar (but less severe than above) damage resulting from one of my sh**ty downward arm-swings within a week of me buying it.
    I think you'll be okay performance wise but it just sucks when your new bomber has taken some flak damage. Just like a ding in the door of a brand new ride...kinda instantly lessens your love of the thing.

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    That has to get repainted to restore her to her original glory. I would call up Continental Golf. Justin and the boys over there will take care of you they have done several drivers, fairways, and putters for me and I am always impressed.

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    From the photo attached looks like you also keep it in the bag without a headcover? From the scratching going on behind and to the left of the huge ding looks like it has been rubbing against your other clubs? That big ding could be a result of a scratch caused by that that then "blew apart" when you had the high face/crown contact.

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    Hmm, not sure why I can't reply to individual comments separately:

    BianMcG - I haven't hit it since the damage because I was afraid to damage it further, and wasn't sure if it would flake up and whack me in the eye.

    halliedog - Yes, it was in the bag without a headcover, but it had only been in there for the 15-minute trip from my house to the driving range since it was brand new, and I generally have my driver positioned so it stick up above all the other clubs. The club was purchased from globalgolf in 'mint' condition, and I didn't notice any such marks on it when I got it. So much damage in so little time makes me wonder if it isn't defective.

    evov - The club only cost me $70, so probably not worth getting professionally fixed, but appreciate the suggestion.

    Edward - this is the first time I sustained such damage on a driver, but yeah, made me just want to toss it in the trash, which at $70, I might just do if Wilson doesn't send me a new head.

  • 86020818602081 Members Posts: 1,879 ✭✭

    Ouch, never seen that before..

    Bondo should take care of that..

  • VNutzVNutz Members Posts: 6,089 ✭✭

    Looks to be the FG tour 5 right? Might be tough getting a replacement seeing as how it's a few years old and technically they could say it's no longer under warranty.

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    VNutz - nice eye. Perhaps I'll try the 'bondo' that 86 suggests if they won't replace it. Or perhaps I'll just have to chalk it up to more money wasted on golf equipment. Wasn't the first, and won't be the last no doubt.

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