19 Handicap-realistic goals?

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Hi all, quick question, TL/DR, I used to play golf years ago in school. I was never great, after high school I think I got down to at best a 12 handicap. Then again, I did not really have money to work with a coach or pro to help me get better. Outside of some coaching in high school and a few lessons here and there, I was mostly self taught. So, now at the age of 48, I am wanting to take it more seriously. Over the past 6-7 years I have tried to improve my play, but usually with the same predictable results. This year I decided to go and work with a dedicated coach. I tend to hit a fade off the tee, but the last 2 years have a developed 2 way miss. Sometimes I am hitting a draw, sometimes I am hitting a fade, and sometimes it's a slice and sometimes it's a big duck hook. I actually gave a hitting driver for the last 3 years. I simply found playing a 3 wood was much easier, albeit shorter. With my new coach, and trackman, I found out that my swing path is actually quite good which surprised my new coach, however, my clubface is open somewhat on my backswing. Lot's of good, including great rotation and coil. Swingspeed is down...although I'm older. Last time I measured I was averaging 108 mph (10 years ago), now closer to 99-100, although I only feel like I'm swinging maybe 75%, mainly because I'm scared of where the **** the ball is going to go. Working on the clubface right now. I'm trying to practice at the range 3-4 days per week, and play 3-4 rounds per week (usually 2 nine hole par 3 rounds, and 1-2 18 hole weekend rounds). Which is WAY more than I've done in many years (golfing typically 2 times a month). I'm hoping to get down to single digit handicap this year....and maybe below 5 in 2 years. Is that at all realistic? Or am I setting myself up to be disappointed? Just curious what other middle aged golfers have found....

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    Middle aged guy here, been playing seriously for 5-6 years. Only get to play in the warmer months, mid west. I play or practice almost every day. Every year I get a bit better, by a stroke or two. I ended last season at a 13, and have started this season around a 15. I realistically hope to get down to an 11 or so by the end of this season.

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    Depends on what your current handicap is. If you are still around a 12 then I think getting down to a single handicap isn't unrealistic. If you are practicing that much in conjunction with an instructor I think you will be able to make good progress. But I wouldn't expect it to be linear. I would expect you to slightly improve then plateau. Then improve again and plateau again.

    Now for getting to a 5 that would really take dedication.

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    My dad's done it going from not being able to break 45 for nine in his 40s to shooting in the low mid 70s for 18 before 60.

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    Currently an 18-19....Was on vacation in Mexico last week and using rental clubs shot an 89 at Golden Coral. 46-43.

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    Taylormade M1 3W 15*
    Srixon H7853i Hybrid 19*
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    I am 46 this year and was a 15 handicaper last year my last round last year was 76 on a par 71, anything can happenn8f you put your heart into it.

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    Ive taught players who were not being able to break 90 to shooting in low 80 high 70s, then ive taught golfers who cant break 95 and sure i got them hitting it better, but their scores will not get much lower. Learning to hit the ball better doesnt always translate to scoring. Personally, 2 years ago i had a "perfect swing" on the range and couldnt even come close to putting in play on the course, now my swing if kinda iffy though im playing fantastic golf. Alot of it is your mindset and setting goals.

    If you are a 19 right now how bout your should be to a 19 next month, then 18 in following month, next 16 two months later, then 12 or better by the end of year.

    Take a look at your last 5 rounds and count the following
    Penalty Shots off the tee (includes punch outs, lost/ob counts as 2)
    Penalty Shots on approach (includes big chunks and tops)
    Double Chips
    3 Putts

    This is how you drop from 19 to single digit is by getting rid of those mistakes.

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    LOOKING FOR A 7 Wood (probably gunna be 230-235 club)
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    S Wedge: Scratch 1018 DS 57*; Dynamic Gold S400 Onyx; 35.5", 63.5* lie (85): I HARDLY USE IT IN THE BUNKER
    L Wedge: Maltby Third Wedge (Custom Grind) 62*; Dynamic Gold S400 Onyx; 35", 64* lie: THIS IS MY BUNKER CLUB, HARDLY USE FROM OUTSIDE 40 YARDS!!
    Putter: Scotty Cameron Studio Design #5 MB, YES! Tour Tracey (for practice only)

    Ball: Vice Pro
    Grip: Super Stroke S-Tech Cord (Woods +6 wraps, Irons and wedges +8 wraps)

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