Proper hat with old school shoes and cardigan?

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I recently picked up some sweet two-tone Allen Edmonds golf brogues to wear this year (photo below). I plan on pairing them with a cardigan on cooler days and am unsure of what hat to wear. I typically wear baseball-style hats but they seem incongruent with the old school shoes and cardigan.

I know wearing no hat at all would be normal for a 1950's-60's look but I really need the eye shade. I could wear a Ben Hogan newsboy style hat but I'm not a huge fan of them when they're actually on my head. In other words, sounds good in theory but looks odd in practice.

Any other hat styles I could consider? Or should I just wear a white baseball-style hat and call it good?!

Edit - I'm not a fan of bucket hats or Sam Snead hats either.

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