First Time I Played 18 With Grandson

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He's 11 and we've gone to the range a few times but have never played a round before. He and his sis are here for the week and he brought his clubs so he could play with grandpa. We went to my course when it was fairly slow and had a great time. His dad has him well on his way to being a good golfer with proper etiquette, and he dresses for the part too. He had a couple of firsts today which was really fun for me to watch. He hit his longest drive yet at 222 and he had a par on a legit par 3 hole at 178 yards. Hit his driver to the front of the green, had a really nice PW chip and drained a 6 ft putt. He was pretty jacked up over that.

On 16 we caught up to another twosome who invited us to join them but I declined as I was having too much fun. He thinks I'm a pro now because I had a pretty good round at +3. I was happy he saw me play well instead of some of the clunker rounds I've been posting lately. Although in all honesty, I think he was probably more impressed that everything was comp (I work at the course) and he couldn't believe they just gave him a drink at the turn.

I've played with his dad and uncles a lot over the years but I think this was one of the more enjoyable rounds. Looking forward to the summer when he comes back.

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    Awesome! Looks like it was a sparkling day for your first of many rounds with your grandson!

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    Great stuff. This is what it’s all about.

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    Thanks for sharing! Your course looks awesome and your grandson looks like he's on his way to becoming a good player...that's a pretty darn good looking position at the top of his backswing!

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    Great story. He'll remember that forever. I say that with confidence because I can still vividly remember my first par.

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    Thanks for sharing your experience. I think the grandfather-grandson relationship is truly a special one. I know I greatly admired both of my grandfathers as a kid. One was an avid golfer that used to keep clubs and balls around for the kids to play with in the back yard. He had a large yard and would cut holes for us to use. I never got the chance to play golf with him as I became preoccupied with music. He passed when I was 18. I think of him often when I'm on the course.

    I have a 3 year old grandson who I took to the course for the first time last weekend. He has little plastic putter and plastic golf balls. I also work part-time at a course so I took him to an isolated green and we spent about a half hour putting. He would watch me putt and then he would put his ball about 3-4" from the hole and knock it in. I would high-five him and praise him and he really seemed to love it and didn't want to leave. I'm hoping he continues to enjoy the game.

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    Reading that made me feel good RS,
    Most of us older guys on here can relate. Glad you had a great outing with your Grandson, and thanks for posting about it.

  • Hawkeye77Hawkeye77 Countdown to The Masters! ClubWRX Posts: 17,676 ClubWRX

    Whoa, give me a piece of that nice look at the top!

  • MountainGoatMountainGoat Mid-MarylandMembers Posts: 1,660 ✭✭

    The next generation of golfers is coming from this age group.

  • KAndyManKAndyMan JUST GOTTA SEND IT!!! Members Posts: 322 ✭✭

    Thank you for sharing!! I have to agree with the other guys here it looks like that boy is going to be good at this game someday. Just heard a guy say "if you want to know how good of a parent you were then you have to wait and see what your grandkids end up being like". That being the case it looks like you did a great job! Hats off to you.

  • sunbeltgolfersunbeltgolfer Members Posts: 478 ✭✭

    Nice story. It takes me back a few years to my youngest grandson and I golfing. He's now out of college and we don't get to spend much time together anymore. Fun to see because I know how much it must mean to you for quality time on the course with him. Enjoy it while you can. Time really flies once they get to this point in life.

  • DavePelz4DavePelz4 A golf course in the Chicago area.ClubWRX Posts: 24,312 ClubWRX

    This is everything that is right about golf. A game for any age. Congrats on a great round for both of you and hope you have many more rounds together!

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    outstanding !

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    Did you tell your grandson you posted this here? You might... he might get a kick out of seeing it and maybe reading everyone's enthusiasm for this...

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  • TIM929TIM929 Los AngelesMembers Posts: 432 ✭✭

    Thank you for sharing sir! I really hope to experience this myself and realize there are so many things to look forward to.

  • deadsolid...shankdeadsolid...shank ClubWRX Posts: 14,669 ClubWRX

    Awesome RS! Eagerly awaiting that here.

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    That's very cool. Thanks for sharing.

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