Loomis iron shaft info? (Pic included)

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Anyone happen to know what these shafts weigh?


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    I believe 120 grams uncut. They reintroduced them a few years ago and the owner of the new entity told me that they are the same weight spec as they original tour from the 90’s. I don’t know if the new ones are still available or not. They didn’t have the marketing power to do much. I had a set of the new ones 3 years ago. Very nice shafts but I found the short irons played a bit too soft for my liking. Felt absolutely incredible. Mitsubishi made them under contract from the “New” Loomis guys. Two brothers that used to work for the original company I believe. Heres a link.

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    Thanks for the thread! I got a driver shaft in sale a year ago also Tour X and 44 inch long same look as your pic! 103 grams!!!!

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    Mine are iron shafts. 3-pw that I picked up online. I don't do well with light shafts and was hoping they were at least 115-120g. They feel pretty stout without a clubhead on them. Have to put a head on your driver shaft? @RogerinNewZealand

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