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Do the rentable bays have spin rates as one of the stats they measure? And also are they actually accurate? I’ve read past threads where people say they are “juiced” but I really just want to get on a launch monitor to see what my true distances are and my driver spin rate


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    My golf galaxy just got Trackman last week so I'd say they are going to be as accurate as you can get indoors. Just make sure the altitude and temp settings are correct. They are replacing some old GC2 units which I think are also really good for indoors since they are camera based.

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    Mine has the trackman in the “fitting bays” but I wasn’t sure if you could actually rent time on those as well

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    You will find 3-4 different units in GG stores.
    Not all locations use the same system, but I've heard GC2 is the more accurate for use indoors.

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    The “juicing” is just a setting in the monitors program. If you just play around a little you’ll be able to see what the settings are.

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    It also depends on if you are working with someone trying to sell you something. I was in one bay by myself testing a couple of my own irons out and one of the salesmen came and pulled me into another bay to talk about the new m5 irons and hit them compared to my clubs and even my own clubs went 15yds further in that bay

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    Whether you can trust them in their accuracy for totals as they would be outdoors, dunno.
    You can, however, trust almost any decent monitor to give you a reasonable assessment club-to-club. So while one club spins 3000, and the other 4000, it might really be 2750 - 3750, or something like that. But you'll see the "delta".

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