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Hi, can anyone help with my recent issue - missing left, hooking or pulling. Shots can be weak but not necessarily. Hook way more with irons, tee shots are fine. The attached shot was a bit chunky but thats not too much of a problem at the moment. Help / drill suggestions much appreciated.



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    I'm no expert, but your club face looks very closed at the top of your swing (pointing to the sky). This doesn't necessarily mean it's a problem, for example DJ offsets his closed face with so much body rotation he ends up hitting a fade. So you can work on ONE of two things:
    1. If you want to keep the same wrist angles and maintain your closed face you'll have to increase the amount you rotate your body on the downswing. (Like belt pointing at the target at impact level rotation i.e. like DJ) From the video, it looks like your upper body stalls at impact and therefore stops your rotation, so you actually may want to work on that regardless as that does cause the occasional chunk as you described.
    2. Or sort out your wrist angles to get that face less closed at the top. . Your wrist is nice and flat its just your club face in relation to your wrist is off and wrong. Pictured on the right is DJ and even he doesn't get the same closure to his face that you achieve. This poor club face control could be your grip, or another factor. (most likely grip, i'd check that in case its too strong) The other people in the photo, (I think Ernie Els, Justin Rose and Tiger) all have their club face neutral at the top. If you can do this, I guarantee you'll end up hitting shots that go straighter and not way way left.

    Be warned, none of these changes are easy and it will effect your ability to play as you adjust to whatever path you choose (Both of these changes whichever one you choose will feel very alien) . If I were in your situation, I would start with neutralising that club face angle (whether its a grip issue or something else) and then see where your swing is afterwards, then maybe work on more body rotation if you think its still required.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hips are leading the arms way too much.

    Hip turn a hair restricted in the backswing and armswing a bit long. Then hips lead out too much. Left arm gets too pinned and elbow too far behind hip. Forces body to stall and arms to take over.

    There are several ways to rectify this, you have to pick one. Here are two possible ones.


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