Help me with Taylormade shafts

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I ordered the Taylormade original one mini driver in default MCA Diamana F Limited Flex Regular. I normally play Ping and order my shafts with Soft Regular. Are these MCA shafts similar to Ping in terms of flex? Are the Regular flex much stiffer than the Ping Soft Regular shaft?

If I place a custom order and choose the Project X Evenflow Blue 55 5.0 Senior or the Project X Evenflow Max Carry 45 Senior does it take 4 weeks to get the club back if I ordered this tomorrow? I have never used the Project X shafts and have no access to getting demo with these shafts. If I choose to get one of these shafts after the fact, does anyone know what they cost?


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    Another thing to consider is TM normally tips driver shafts 1” from what others have said on here, but not sure on the mini.
    I also ordered one, requested 1/2” tipping.

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    The timeframe from TM will depend on availability

    The px shafts usually run $300-350

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