Can someone help me out on this one?

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    Zero feedback. Shipping from China. Totes Legit.

    Bag as of 14MAY2019
    Driver - Cobra F9 Speedback w/ Evenflow White 76x
    3w - Cobra F8 w/ HZRDS RED 6.5
    Hybrid - Cobra F7 w/ Fuji VTS Silver Stiff
    Irons - Titleist 718 AP2 w/ AMT S300 Tour White 4-9
    Wedges Titleist SM7 w/ AMT S300 Tour White 46/50/54/60
    Putter - Odyssey O-Works #7

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    _Sorry, I never sold anything on ebay before but I am a small town honest person. If you don't like it I'll make it right, my word can be taken to the bank so please feel free to buy with comfidence. _

    Hey, why are you stressing. He's a small town honest person. He'll make it right if you are not happy. Have a little comfidence man.

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    Thanks OP! Can't wait for my new irons!
    I always trust a small town honest person, especially on the internet!

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    Well of course you cant put your finger on it!!!! You need to buy them from the small town seller and put all your fingers on them, great deal.... :#

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